Rays MTB Cleveland – opening day 2010

If you follow along with me, you might get the feeling that I like 2 wheelers.  I am not fussy.  I like them with knobby tires, with slick tires, with motors, without motors, mountain bikes, road bikes, offroad motorcycles and just about anything in between. You probably didn’t know that about me.

Also, if you have been following along, you might have figured out that I love everything about a little place called Rays MTB park (I am not a one track mind though, because I can also talk endlessly about Whistler, Fruita, Alpe d’Huez and a few other places – my family is already rolling their eyes now).  This weekend was the opening weekend for Rays Cleveland.  Rays Milwaukee is coming, but this was the season reopening of the original.

I have been going there for years. When Trek got involved last year, it gave me a reason to go that was not just to ride and have a good time. This year, Ray and crew way way way out did themselves.  They added what feels like about 25% more of everything.  There are more places to ride in the beginner room, in the sport area and everywhere.

There is a new sport jump line that was just crawling with newbie jumpers.

Matt Pickersgill (@mattpickersgill) arrived there on Friday evening, spent the evening at the park and then went back the next day and spent the whole day there.  Yow, is all I can say.

Rays Cleveland is about 110,000 square feet of indoor space that has been converted to a mountain bike playground.  There is an XC loop, a skate park for BMX bikes, tons of north shore freeride style lines, jump lines, a sport section, an expert section, a beginner room, an expert jump room called the rhythm room, a pump track…  the fun just goes on and on.

When we arrived on Friday, there was really not anyone there yet.  We were there to help get ready for the opening evening with the local mountain bike clubs.  Matt is a computer expert from our computer system at work.  He spent most of the time that evening training the employees there and helping them sort out bugs in their system.  It was good he was there, as I certainly could not have sorted that for them.

There is a new demo area there, where they are demoing new Trek FS bikes.  Remedy, Fuel EX and Scratch Air were big hits.  Lots of people trying new bikes over the weekend.

Then we went back on Saturday, where the crowd was out of control.  It was so huge.  I have not seen that many mountain bike riders all in one place other than something like a big race or Crankworx in Whistler etc…  Wow.

We rode a bunch and then had to bust out to make our flights back home.  I cannot wait for Milwaukee next weekend.  You now know where you will find me on Sunday every weekend this winter.

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