Airlines are Stupid!

Why do they charge me to check a bag, when everyone around me is bringing half of their wardrobe on the plane for free?

It has gotten so bad, that it takes forever to load the plane. People bring so much stuff on, that there is no way that many of those bags will fit in the bins above.  So, they are taking things out, rearranging, shoving things back in, the flight attendant is frustrated and helping – nothing is working.

I understand why they are charging for baggage that is checked, I get it, they are revenue challenged and are scraping for money.  But, their own policies are making travel not just a little bit more cumbersome and difficult – they are dramatically making it worse.  There should be a charge for bags that you carry on, which would gain them some revenue (probably just as much) and would speed the loading and unloading of the plane.  I do not know everything about running an airline, but from a frequent fliers perspective – this is stupid.

Airlines are Stupid!

And to top it off, if revenue is what they are after, then their own employees are doing them a disservice.  When I checked in at the counter today, the counter person tried to talk us out of checking our bags because it would save us $50 (2 bags).  That while looking straight at Liz’s bag, which I can tell you there was no way in hell that thing was going to fit in an overhead bin.  What stupidity is that?

While we are at it, let me give you my nomination for the first people that should be up against the wall when the revolution comes.  People that are sitting at the back of the plane who load in first and put their bags in the overhead bins at the front of the plane!   They all think they are saving themselves time.  In fact, what it does is make the loading of the plane take even longer.  With the front bins full, the front seated passengers do not have anywhere to put their bags.  That means they are trying to put their bags anywhere they can, sometimes 10 rows behind them.  Then they have to stop traffic in the aisle and try to get all the way back up to their seats.  Of course there is a domino effect to this, because they have now taken someone else space above their seat and they are now looking for other space around the plane.  And, and, and, and, and…

Meanwhile, the person who put their bag at the front is sitting in the back wondering why these people have to take such big bags and why can’t this plane get going on time.  Then, to add insult to injury their stupid bag placement choice creates a similar chaos and delay on the unloading as all those people hold up the line trying to get to their bag.  All the while the offending bag placer is at the back being the last people off the plane and wondering why this sucks so bad.

Travel Idiots.


2 responses to “Airlines are Stupid!

  1. That’s for sure. You should have seen what they did to our bikes!

  2. Brian Terry

    Seriously Joe….how do you really feel? Once I finish my private pilot’s license, I will fly you were ever you want to go!

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