Wow, that was muddy!

So after 3 days of no rain here in the UP, the sky opened up today.  Go figure eh?  Of course this is the day we were racing.

I drove over to Crystal Falls from Marquette, only about 1.5 hour drive.  Of course it poured the whole time.  It was raining lightly at the start, there were huge puddles everywhere.  The valleys between the doubles and the whoops on the MX track were completely flooded.  The woods had water running down the hills.  The creeks we had to get through were flooding.

The MX track was deep deep wet sand.  Tough to ride.  The woods ended up very rutted.

Started raining really hard during the race and then of course stopped and cleared up at the finish.

I had to give up on my goggles about 1/2 of the way through the race.  I am still picking dirt out of my eyes.

I have no front brake left.  I borrowed some pads from JD Friebel, I hope they work.  If they do not, I do not think I can race tomorrow.  We will see when I put them pads in in the morning.

Oh well.  It was fun though.  I ended up 2nd in my class.  The line was big, maybe 17 or so on the line.  John Buechner won.  That has become a habit with us.  I could see him just in front of me at the finish.  That has also become a habit – finishing just together.

Beat up bike, that hates me after the race. "Feed me some new brake pads, Seymore!"

Dang, I look good.

Scott's gear is only a little bit bad. I took mine off and threw it straight into the trash!

Scott's bike also does not like him.

Hopefully tomorrows race will be less muddy.



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