New Season – Same old bike!

It is just 1 day till our first local race.  Jeez, it took long enough.  Seems like this winter was at least 380 days long.

But, I did the training.  I did the random offseason race.  I did the training camp in Missouri.  I worked on my bike.  I trained.  I worked on my bike some more.  I trained.

Now, it all pays off tomorrow.  The flag goes up, and the first turn chaos will be there, the mid race slump, the being stuck in the mud, the tip over that just completely taxes you, the choking dust, the picking mud out of your eyes 2 days later, the sore shoulder from smashing it into a tree, the blistered up hands…

I will be there with my new gear from Moose.  Probably XCR since it is cool out tomorrow.

Tomorrows gear

Tomorrows brand spanking new Bell Helmet will kinda match, but maybe not perfectly.  It is pretty sweet though.

Brand new helmet - mmmm, love the smell.

After the race is over, I will be bouncing around the pits in my Vesrah team wear.  You remember that stuff, that is the pretty cool casual stuff that Scott and I put together.

Vesrah team casual gear is here!

It’s a new season, but I will be on the same old trusty bike.  No upgrade yet for me.  I still have a new one coming, but it will be another 2009 just like this one.  2010’s are HARD to come by.  It does have fresh decals and fresh everything else.  Runs like a top – starts easy – handles great – Rekluse Zstart Pro clutch keeps me going down the trail, even when I am too stupid to remember to pull in the clutch lever.

There is a full gallery of my bike here.

Thats it for me.  See you tomorrow.


2 responses to “New Season – Same old bike!

  1. Roger Bird

    Kick ass tomorrow Joe!
    Sorry I won’t be there with you.
    GO JOE!

  2. Bike looks good! No plans to hit any GNCCs this year?

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