Weekend of 2 wheelers!

The weekend turned out really good for 2 wheeling. I always figure that if you can ride 2 wheelers both days on the weekend, then it is a good one.

Saturday – 3 hour road ride from Madison with Chip Camillo and the Pinnacle Health and Fitness team.

Sunday – 2.5 hours on the RMZ at Dyracuse.

Saturday was a bit windy and cold.  Long sleeves, caps, full finger gloves, knee warmers, vests.  But, it warmed during the ride and we ended up peeling most of it by the end of the ride.  60+ miles, 3 hours.  Group of 8 or so, and a decent pace.  On the way back in to Belleville, we were motoring right along at 26 or so.  Fun.

Midway through. Warming, but still cold.

Sunday Moto ride at Dyracuse.  I am a little bit bummed, because I did not go to do the Enduro in Iowa.  I was a bum.  Actually, John bailed on me and it had raining down there overnight.  I assumed it was going to be a mud pit, and I really do not like racing my bike and shredding it in mud bath races.  I know – wimp.  Pete is going to call me later this week and tell me that I made a huge mistake not going.

Anyway, I went to Dyracuse on my own.  I scoped out a 20 minute loop and did 2’15” at race focus.  It went well.  I softened my suspension just a tad from last week and I was really surprised how much better my bike went.  I had gobs of traction everywhere I rode.  I could not believe how good it was.  The sand is drying out up there and getting deeper, but still not powder and dust.  A few more weeks and it will not feel much like the rest of our terrain that we race on.  But that is ok, because at that point we will be racing every weekend.

No photo’s from the moto ride, as I was there alone.

Sunday eve, I watched 3 different 2 wheeler races on Tivo.

Moto GP from Qatar – dang it was disappointing to see Nicky get pipped for the podium at the end like that.

Houston Supercross – Good race, but Villipoto ran away with it so badly that it got boring halfway through.  Chad Reed is definitely not as fast as he was on a Yellow bike.

Paris Roubaix – This was completely worth it.  Cancellara is the man.  Dang that was a good race.  Not as much fun to watch as a muddy race is, those always result in tons of crashes. But, wow is the man fast.


One response to “Weekend of 2 wheelers!

  1. Iowa was actually awesome! Couple of slick spots but the dirt was nice and loamy, a little dust in the open fields.

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