Friday Video posts – it’s a party!

Here are a few things I have found this week.  In general, I would say is well worth the time.  It will suck time away from your life, but damn is it fun!

I got a little bit ambitious and found way too many this week.  So, at the last minute I decided that I  should have broken this up into a few posts, so I did.  You will get them all, eventually – until then enjoy.

This first one is of Danny MacAskill.  Wow, he has to be the most talented rider of all time.  This video only shows some of his talent.  I do not know what I would do, if I could ride that well.  That’s stupid, of course I know what I would do.  I would ride my bike!

This is the really great DH race through the streets of Rio.  You may have seen this before, I have.  But, I needed to show it again.  Helmet cams are great.

This is not a mountain bike video, but – hey – who said everything on Friday videos had to be mountain bikes.  It is GEORGE for crying out loud.  He is cool.  I wish the Peleton would just let him with this weekend at Paris Roubaix.  I am really tired of the “can he win it”, “will he win it” debates.  Good god people, this is George we are talking about.  GO George, Go!

I do not really know what this one is, and I may have even shown it before.  I like it though.

This one has a cool soundtrack.  Haven’t heard this song in forever.

Ya, so that is it for now.  Next week, probably back on the motorcycle posting.  Only 14 days till the first race.  HOLY CRAP!!!! 14 DAYS!!!!



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