China stuff

Rain. When it rains in China, it rains. I don’t mean that it just sort of putters down some water. I mean the water is on high and the shower head has been removed. The hose of cold nasty acid rain water is attempting to drown you. The funny part is that everyone is just going about their business and just at there usual pace. They put a cape on and ride their bikes or scooters to work. They stand at the street scossing with an umbrella. They just are.

I am amazed at the amount of water falling from the sky , and they just are doing their thing. There are a lot of people for sure.

On the way to the airport, I saw a scooter lane funneling down to just half a lane. The log jam of scooter riders was like the log jam of harescrambles bike trying to get up a steep muddy hill in the first mile of a Gncc race. I love to watch the light turn green at a stoplight and watch who gets the holeshot away from the light. It is usually the guy with flip flops no helmet and a cig hanging from his mouth.

Seriously, I think the whole country will be submerged in water. I hope people can swim here.

On my way to Taiwan now. Made it through a few days in china without being forced to drink too much. Had a really good Italian food meal on Monday night and a mediocre one on Tuesday night. Funny, i like Chinese food, but no one wants to feed me any while I am here. I guess that goes to show you that Italian is the food of choice around the world. Go Giada, damn she is hot.

It is not a burrito though. That is another post all together.

What is truly amazing here is that they have done away with 2 stroke scooters here. I think when you have a totalitarion government like China you can just mandate things like that. In Taiwan scooters rule the roads. Since it is a democracy there, the government cannot just force everyone to get rid of their 2 stroke scooters. I suspect there is a landfill full of 2 stroke scooters here somewhere. They are all electric scooters now. It does help clean up the air though.

Writing this from the back of the van. It is raining, still. I think the van is going to drown.

Yesterday I was at a factory that makes millions of bicycles in a year. They were in the midst of training 750 new employees since Feb 15. They told me that anyone with a yellow patch on their arm was a new employee. 50% of the employees on the assembly line seemed to gave yellow patches. I found where all the jobs went.

I started coming to China about 10 years ago. The factory that we use in central China is in Kunshan. It is about 1.5 hour drive from the Shanghai airport nowadays. 10 years ago it was about a 3 hour drive. Now there is a big high speed highway. The town of Kunshan has a starbucks and a Hilton and a good Italian restaurant and a fitness club and and and. No burrito shop though. They need a Qdoba.

5 weeks till race season.

2 responses to “China stuff

  1. You better just calm down about that Italian chef Giada. I will cut you!!!!

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