Lately, I have been really into socks.

Yep.  I can say it out loud.

I have been into socks.  Specifically, cycling socks of the higher type.  I used to wear cycling socks that were lower, but they seem really dumb now.

Here is a list of some of what I think are the best out there.

These fox socks are fantastic. Nice and high.

The best road socks ever. High and an amount of compression in them. Made by Swiftwick, with the Mellow Johnny's logo.

Go either way with these. Road or mountain, but high of course.

I have never been to Luxembourg, but I love the sock and the color.

I don't know if I can rock these, but damn... I am going to try.

Classic CX socks. I think Cyclocross is not my thing. But, these socks...OMG!

Everyone needs gore-tex socks. they keepy you dry and warmy.

another good roadie sock, but modern as it is high.

Last, but most importantly - Business Time!

Yep.  I am into socks these days.

Out, Joe.

One response to “Lately, I have been really into socks.

  1. Sockaholic. I own several pair of highly collectible JVBC socks.

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