It’s a mountain bike thing!

This is by far the best MTB movie sequence I have seen.  Enjoy.

16 responses to “It’s a mountain bike thing!

  1. How did you film that? Do you have any track layouts for about an acre of land? I have always wanted to build something like this.

  2. Caramba, that was awesome. I wanna see this on a big, big screen!

  3. SickPigeon

    Sick!! I saw a short clip on how this was made but seeing final cut of this is incredible. Awesome work. Those guys make it look too easy. Everyone be careful & wear protective gear if you are inspired like I was by seeing this clip.

  4. I wanna see where the two riders went when the cameras just stuck on the other pair (both times)

    still awesome, kranked rocks

  5. I hope there’s a full-length movie coming!

  6. Amazing, great video

  7. Simply unbelievable skills! Unreal riding and fantastic park! I am in AWE!!!!

  8. WHOA!

    Amazing flow.

    Even more amazing camera work. How did they film that? And in what looks to be one take?


  9. Awesome! Makes you want to go an ride some trails

  10. Are these guys pro’s? They’re awful good at what they do….. And they clearly love it.

  11. Awesome, real nice track layout!

  12. what happens when they have to go UPHILL??

    Nah, I’m not taking anything away from these guys. Very Very Very cool. I’m just an xc guy. These guys are SMOOOOOOTH!

  13. Wow that was SWEET!!

  14. does anybody know what song that is?

  15. does anybody know what song that is??

  16. Jeff Corey

    That was totally Rad!! Made me want to jump on my bike and leave it all behind….nice work, you made us mountain bikers proud!!!

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