And so it begins

Yep. It is January. Heading to SC to do the national enduro. Oh yeah.

Damn it is cold out.

Karen, the painted australian hussy GPS unit on the dash says we have 787 miles to go. Be there in no time.

Illinois kinda sucks to drive through. Look a squirrel. Flat forever.

(Brian just said “huge midget” in the same sentence.)

Wow it is really hot in here.

The truck is much nicer to drive a long drive in than the van. Not that the van is bad, but I’m just sayin.

I already messed with Brian’s GPS and changed the voice to a woman with an Australian accent. I’m not stupid.

(50 is the new 49 – John from the back seat)

I also made the playlist we are listening to now, so Scott would hate it. It’s sweet.

Pretty fly.

Passed a girl in a crappy Chevy Cavalier. Brian says “hmm, that was cute.”. I said, “that was a girl in a Cavalier”. Brian said, “that just means she has low standards”. (Brianism #3)


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