End of the Decade!

December 19 , 2009

–       We are almost out of the first decade of the 2000’s.

–       We are almost to the shortest day of the year, and my oldest daughters birthday.  (Dec 21)

–       We are unfortunately a long way away from riding locally.

–       We are just 43 days away from the first National Enduro in South Carolina!

–       We are just 67 days away from our annual riding and early season testing trip to St. Joe Missouri

–       We are just 126 days away from the first D16 Harescrambles event.


Maybe there is a GNCC event in there as well, haven’t completely decided on that.

Either way, it seems like there are some things coming up.  But, it is a long time until I can be on a 2 wheeler outside with regularity.  The problem is that I am going to get to South Carolina to do the enduro and it is going to go all wonked, I am sure.  I will get on the bike, be super excited to be on the bike, get a few miles into the Enduro and KINK!  No riding ain’t going to help my ride, people.

Fatcyclist is a pro.

I am super enthused about Fatcyclist.com getting to go and ride with the RadioShack guys last week.  That was really cool.

Here are the video’s of his time there, if you missed it.

and another.

and another.

My suspension just came back this week from Factory Connection.

Here are some gratuites pictures of my suspension on the counter and against my shop cabinets.  Did I mention how excited I am about my suspension?  I know that everyone get’s their suspension done, but damn.  Mine is just the best.  Factory Connection you know.

New, rebuilt, shinny, cool.

cheap opportunity for me to show off my garage floor, and the rebuilt FC suspension.

New Helmet cam!

This year, we will be showing some helmet cam video’s here at the site.  I am going to try to take video at least once per month, and put it up on the site.  We will see how that goes.

VIOsport helmet cam goodness.

The guys at VIOsport took my old camera and updated it to the new stuff.  New lenses, new mounts, new straps and new software.  I am super excited.  Those guys are up in Marquette Michigan, where the National Enduro is and where the best mountain bike riding in the entire Midwest is.  I wish I was back in my college days, this would definitely be my choice for a school in the Midwest.

I wonder is a 49 year old can go back to college?

My bike is not ready.

It has a long way to go before the Enduro at the end of January.  That is ok, I have a few weekends to work on it between now and then.

So I am out in the garage now.  I seem to spend a bunch of time in the winter out here.  Heater is on.  Floor is mopped (yes I am weird that way.)  I like it out here.  My bikes are here, my motorcycle is here, my skis are here, my truck is here – and there are no girls here.

That is it for now.

Try not to fall on the ice.


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