Top reasons I cannot wait for next season!

Next season will be here soon, just a few months away. But, in my book it cannot get here soon enough. My counter says that it is just 31 days till the National Enduro in SC, but a pathetic 114 days till the first local race.  The season of racing signifies so many good things it is almost impossible to list them all, but I will give it a try to list the ones that impress me the most.

Reason #1 that I cannot wait for the season.
The motorcycle season does get started before real summer. But, it is really summer where it gets going in earnest. The other thing summer leads to is people wearing a lot less clothes. Some might say, most importantly summer equals girls in shorts.  But, to me what that really equals is me in flip flops.  Why would someone want to wear shoes when they could wear flip flops.

Let’s examine this closely. Shoes are completely closed in.  Flip flops are wide open.

Reason #2 that I cannot wait for the season.

Leaving early with Scott in the van.  Have you ridden in the van?  If you have not, you do not know what you are missing.  It stinks, it is loud, it requires 2 hands on the wheel to keep it straight on the road, there is no cruise control.  Now all of that sounds like a bad experience, but in fact it is really really fun.  Candy will be on the dash yelling at us to make the right turn, not the left.  Scott will shove an entire sandwich in his mouth while we are driving.  One of us will try to eat a Quiznos sandwich while driving with one knee as both hands are shoving food in the mouth and trying to catch any of the peppers that fall towards the ground before they bounce.

Reason #3 that I cannot wait for the season.

The first turn.  I LOVE the chaos of the first turn.  I love trying to get there first. I love looking for the line through the melee.  I love trying to see where John is if it is a local race.  I love trying to count how many back I am from the front when we hit the woods if it is a national race.  I love the feel of my bike as it roosts away from the line and away from the first turn.  I love the stupid pass that someone will put on me as we go into the woods.

In the end, the race is fun… but the first turn.   Ah…

Reason #4 that I cannot wait for the season.

Skiing is silly, it is snow after all.  I mean, that is frozen water that we are trying to slide over with planks bolted to our feet.  It is damn fun, but much less predictable than dirt is.  Plus, it is cold out there.

Reason #5 that I cannot wait for the season.

I love having Candi on the dash.  She is so boisterous.

Reason #6 that I cannot wait for the season.

Quiznos.  I don’t have much reason to go to Quizno’s at any other time of the year.  Even though they are sandwich artists there.  Plus, have you seen my teammate eat?  He can put it away, and I get to witness it almost every week.  How can a guy that is mostly just lungs on top of legs put that much away?   Jeez!

Reason #7 that I cannot wait for the season.

Race gas.  Who doesn’t love the smell of race gas.  I mean it is not the smell of a pan of brownies being cooked or a burrito.  But, it is way better than dog doo on your shoe.  Now that doesn’t smell good at all.  But race gas, yum.  Maybe it is just that it means I am going racing that weekend.

Reason #8 that I cannot wait for the season.

I have a new pair of boots.  Enuf said, right?  Who doesn’t like that new boot look and feel.  You look like a dweeb with some matching gear and spanky new bright white (I hope I don’t get these dirty) boots.  You cannot feel the shifter or the brake lever, so as you over rev the motor or blow right through that first turn when you cannot find the brake – you look really good.  Girls swoon for new boots.

Reason #9 that I cannot wait for the season.

More riding, and less counting down till the season.

Reason #10 that I cannot wait for the season.

I love that “someone ran over me with a truck feeling” the day after a harescrambles race.  It is like 2 hours of someone hitting you with a hammer.  You pee every 20 minutes on the way there.  You drink 5 bottles of water and cytomax and recovery drink on the way home, and you do not need to pee until the next day.  I am certain that you drop about 5 pounds during a race.  Your bike is usually shredded after a race, but it makes the someone ran over me feeling all worth it.

Bonus reason #11 that I cannot wait for the season.

It has been a few months since we have needed to have someone pull us out of a muddy GNCC parking lot.  God I love that.

So, please please bring on the season.



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