Early Dec update

Lots has gone on of late.  Unfortunately, not a lot of motorcycle riding.  But, plenty to talk about

MTB riding in Arkansas

As usual, the whole family was down in Arkansas over the Thanksgiving week visiting my mother.  My brother and his family and my sister and her family all converge on my mothers house for a week of shenanigans centered around MTB riding, running around in the woods, drinking too much beer and burning stuff in the back yard.  It make you feel like a redneck, but the sophisticated kind.

One of the best parts about the week is that I get to MTB ride a bunch with my brother.  He is a mountain bike freak and we have a great time riding together, too bad it is only once a year.  The kids are all getting old enough to ride now also, so it ends up a great marker for the whole extended families.

Over the years, we have found 3-4 really good places to ride right around the Hot Springs area.  First one is the Cedar race track.  It is built around a county park that has a climbing wall, RC car track, RC airplane strip, BMX track etc…  A great little community park.  The MTB loop is about 10 miles around and 100% singletrack.

We also do some riding around my mom’s house, and over the years we have made a bunch of obstacles to practice on.  Here is one of the kids playing around in the street in front of my mom’s house.

Getting the skills down.

Ipod tragedy

Always has to be one calamity on a trip to my mothers house.  In past years, there was stiches for cousins, lots of abrasions etc…  There was the year that I smashed my face into the ground on an MTB ride.  That year required 20+ stiches inside my mouth.

This year was a lot less traumatic than others.  But, I did fry my little ipod shuffle by running it through the washer with my cycling shorts.  Stuffed it into my pocket after a solo MTB ride and the shorts got into the pile of laundry and…  well you get the picture.  Now it is just a nice little shinny silver plastic thing that does nothing.


Arkansas Karaoke

Not sure what the significance of Arkansas Karaoke is, but I am writing about it nonetheless.  I am also not sure that Karaoke is any different there than it is anywhere (except maybe Japan.  In Japan, those people take karaoke seriously.  I once went to a bar with multiple karoake stages in Sekai City.  The place was huge and as I said had 3 different stages.  People were jammed in there like it was a Prince concert.)  Someone got a Karoake thing for the gift exhange that we always do there.  We used it, and damn it was bad.  Just thought I would throw all that into the story as well.

Tennessee OMA race

Didn’t go, because work got in the way.  Damn.  It is tough when that whole being responsible thing gets in the way of serious professional dirt biking.  Wanted to go.  Had it on the schedule forever but it didn’t work out.  Originally we were going to go down with Mark Junge on Thursday.  Then, Mark and Scott decided to go on Wed.  I couldn’t change my schedule, so I thought “Ok, I will just come down on my own on Thursday eve or Friday.”  Work happened on Thursday and Friday became too jammed to leave.  Dang.

Anyway, if you want to read about what is probably going to be a stellar time, jump over to Scott’s blog after Tuesday or so and you can read about his account of the Tennessee trip.

Sure would have been fun to see Mark do his very first dirt bike race.  Mark is 43 time national endurance road racing champ, or something like that.  I have seen him on a MTB also.  The guy has mad skills on a 2 wheeler.  But, he was actually a bit nervous about his first dirt bike race in the woods.  I am sure it will have been cautious at first and then ripping it up after that.  I cannot wait to hear the results.

Anyway.  Out for me.  Talk to you later.


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