Oh Yeah, that new truck smell!

So the old truck was showing it’s age. Not horribly, but a bit. It was having some transmission problems. Sometimes when you would put the truck in reverse, it would just sit there. Revving and making noise, but not going anywhere. Hmmm… Not good.

Ok, time to take the truck into the dealer. They definetley saw me coming. They offered me top dollar for my truck, even though they knew it had problems.  They knocked a third off the retail price of the truck!  1/3!!!  Holy cow.

They sent me home with the beauty you see below.

The new truck is bigger than the old truck, has 4 wheel drive, a bigger motor yet still gets better gas mileage.

So far I have only put a bed buddy in. I also put 4 bike mounts on the bed buddy, so that I could take a bunch of bicycles with me as well.

It is the best vehicle I have ever owned and the best truck I have ever been in.

Kind of a crummy photo, taken with my cell phone camera, but you get the idea.  Dodge Ram 1500, 4 door.

I did add the Bed Buddy.  Helps to give the front wheel of the motorcycle something to push against, and keeps it straight.  Also has tie down spots on the sides.  The new truck will hold 3 motorcycles.  Works really well.

I added front wheel QR’s to be able to easily bolt in 4 bicycles.

This one was made special for me to be able to put a bike with a 15mm through axle.  Ray made it for me at work.  I also have different end caps to use for a 20mm thru axle.  Sweet.  Ray is a master at this kind of stuff.

I still need to get the Line X style bed liner stuff sprayed in.  I will also get a soft toneau cover to hide stuff that is in the back, yet rolls out of the way to be able to put bikes and motorcycles in the back.

I am definetly a confirmed truck guy.


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