I Fell Down, alot

Sunday was the last WIXC race of the year.  The race was held at the fantastic course at Rhinelander.  This is the same course that was used earlier in the year for the National Harescrambles race there at Sugar Camp.

The difference here was that the WIXC course ran the loop backwards.  I think that the loop actually works better backwards than it does the normal way.  The loop is long.  About an 18-20 minute loop is super fun.

It had rained during the previous day, and during the night.  It was raining as I went to sign up (what was I thinking?).  It was raining at the start of the race and it was still raining at the end of the race.  The sand the mud, the slime.  Ugh…  I said I was never doing a mud race like this again.  Last year at Unadilla was the mudder of mudders, and I said I was never going to do that again.  But, I did.

I got a good start, probably 3rd into the woods and then out of the woods into the grass track.  Unfortunately, I slid into the 3rd turn on the grass track and stalled my motor.  Stalling allowed everyone to go past me.  Unfortunately I stalled my bike 2 more times on that same lap and struggled to get myself up to speed.

I got passed Rob in the 2nd lap, when he went down.  Unfortunately my last glimpse of Jim was on the grass track that 2nd lap, when I saw him leaving the grass track just as I was entering it.  Later that 2nd lap, I fell for my first time.

I came across a root section that was just complete spaghetti roots.  The roots were super slippery and they just grabbed my front wheel and sent me sideways.  That was the first time.  That happened a few more times.  I also had a couple of tip overs in the sand.  Jeeze, what a day.

I rode ok, but I had a hard time keeping it upright.

I have always had a hard time in the super muddy conditions.  This was no different.

Good on you to Jim.  He had a super race.

Oh well.  On to the GNCC race.  The scene of the crime, so to speak.

Before every movement, there is a moment.



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