Visiting Offenbach

Liz and I are in Europe now.  We are visiting our former foreign exchange students and going to the big bike show in Germany.  We spent last weekend in Offenbach Germany.  Lisa lives there.  While we were there, we met her family and friends.  We saw her village.  And spent time looking around the area.

While we were there, the village was celebrating it’s 1225 year birthday.  Holy crap!  There is nothing that old in the USA.  We went to a big music festiaval for the first night, we drank too much beer, we saw a parade the 2nd day.  The parade was different from a parade in small town in the USA, and the same at the same time.  There were a few interesting things that you would not see there.

We toured the wine making area south of there and we hiked around a few castles etc…  all in all, good fun.  Heading over to the bike show in Friedrichshafen now.  Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.  Chcck back later.


One response to “Visiting Offenbach

  1. That look on your face in traditional German garb is priceless.

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