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The barn cometh – Crystal Falls

Crystal Falls
August 23, 2009

The barn cometh.
Crystal Falls has an old barn, that we ran right through.  It was really cool.  Kinda alarming.  You would go right into it from the sun, it would go completely dark and the only thing you would see is the light of the doorway on the other side.  Yow.  But, it was really really fun.

It is also about the most awesome course in the entire district.

This was the 2nd time I had raced here.  This time it was more than 7 miles around.  We did the whole MX track of a really great old school outdoor MX track.  A couple of doubles, but mostly big hills table tops and great berms.  Then into the woods, then out to a great grass track, then back into the woods, then out to another grass track, then through the barn, then out to another grass track, then back into the woods, then back on the MX track to finish the lap.  Very GNCC like, but much tighter in the woods sections.

It took me 2 kicks to get my bike started, so I was last into the 1st turn, but when we left the MX track Jim was in 1st, John right on him in 2nd and me right on John in 3rd.  Perfect.  The next 3 laps were a huge huge amount of fun.  The lead changed about 12 times per lap.  We were all 3 right on each other.  No one could get an advantage on anyone it seemed.

Unfortunately John and Jim got into a little tussle on the 1st lap.  Jim got frustrated with John passing him and Jim cut through the middle of a turn and knocked John down to the ground.  I slowed enough to make sure everyone was ok, but then went off on my own.  A guy on an old KDX somehow appeared out of nowhere at that time and jumped in front of me.  I was ok with that, except he was riding about 11 feet wide.  He was impossible to pass.  I finally did get around him when he chose a crummy line through the mud hole.

Jim and John made it back to me and as I noted earlier, we traded the lead for the 1st 3 laps.  On the 4th lap, John got a front flat and I moved clear of Jim by 1.5 minutes.  That is how we finished.

I managed 11th overall, but had lap times of the 7th place guy, but we started 4 minutes behind.  Not too shabby.

–    My RMZ 250 is the perfect motorcycle.  I am convinced.  I know the 2010 is fuel injected, and I am looking forward to one of   those somehow.  But for now, I cannot imagine a better motorcycle.  Wow.
–    I ran shinny new Pirelli Scorpian mid hards.  They were incredible.  So much better than the stock Dunlops that came on the bike, which I ran for a bit as I did not have any new Pirelli’s.  But OMG.
–    I still have about an inch of gas in the bottom of the tank.  That is the stock tank, for 2 hours and 1 minute.  That thing just does not use much gas.
–    The Rekluse clutch is incredible.  No stalls, no arm pump (at least from the clutch operation).
–    Looking forward to getting my suspension back from Factory Connection.  The stock stuff is good, but the rough trail made it tough today.
–    The race gas the Mark at Vesrah provided make the RMZ super clean running.  No bog, no hesitation, just sewing machine like response from the right wrist.
–    After the race, I was showering off with the sun shower, when this little kid asks me “what are you doing?”  Washing off.  “Why?”, I am dirty.  “Are you leaving?”…   What is up with that?

Enjoy the photo’s.



Going to yooper land!

August 22, 2009
Heading up to do the D16 HS race in Crystal Falls Mi.  As I sit here writing this, things are just a bit off.  I am not staying in the trailer, and Scott is not with me.  Seems like I have been doing a bunch of racing without Scott this year.  That is not really right.  Kinda jonesing for the camper and Scott and I going through the routine of the GNCC weekend.  I know that is a dangerous way for me to think, because that is exactly what got us into that whole thing in the first place.

But, I just cannot help it.  I have a bike that I really really feel good on, the season here just isn’t what it used to be, I know I could do better at the GNCC thing now than I did a year ago.  I think maybe it is time for a bigger schedule again.

I’m just sayin.

oh yes, my stead nestled into the back of John's truck!

oh yes, my stead nestled into the back of John's truck!

So, John Buechner and I took off today to head to the race.  John has become my racing buddy in Scott’s absence.  He is a good guy.  Not the same as traveling with Scott, but it has it’s own quaint kind of feel to it.  He and I race the same class, so it can be a bit weird after the race if one of us gets the better of the other.  Lately, John has been the man.  He has beaten me at every race we have done together this year.

Aztalan was close, but he definitely still beat me.  We will see how it goes tomorrow, but I am ok with it either way.

We are staying at John’s uncle’s place in Green Bay.  You have probably figured out that I am not much of a football fan.  I am not.  In fact, I cannot tell you when it was the last time I watched a football game.  When we arrived here, they were watching the Packer game.  It was kind of interesting.  But, not much different than it was 20 years ago.  I think I am fine with not watching another one for another 20 years.

Good god, the last 7 minutes of a football game takes forever.  The clock says 7 minutes to go, and an hour later they are still playing.  I am used to soccer where 7 minutes to go pretty much means there is about 7 minutes left to play.  I understand why the rest of the world thinks that football is a stupid game.  That would be because it is.

I’m just sayin.

Out for the night.


Garage is almost finished!

Super excited about this.  The man cave is almost done.  No women allowed.

All winter, I will be able to be out working on bikes and motorcycles.

– walls finished with super grade of plywood.  allows me to attach anything to the walls without having to find studs, and way more durable than sheetrock.

– insulated walls and ceiling.

– gas heater on a thermostat.

– epoxy sealed and chip coated floor with clear coat applied.

– old cabinets from kitchen arranged to make shop.

– laminate top countertop for easy cleaning.

– separate area for lawnmowers etc…  keeps the motorcycle, bicycle, car areas cleaner.

– tons of lighting and electrical outlets.

– separate electrical box.

– stereo

still to come,

– refrigerator

– more tools

– more slotwall

some pictures below


Racing this weekend!


Spooned on new grippy donuts, new clutch plates, changed the oil and filter. Fresh air filter and grips. Going Racing.

Hoping for some race gas…

Holy cow, I love this whole thing.


We’re Back!

Summer break is a long time.  A lot has changed, so let’s get started.

During the break, I did some bicycle racing and some decent training, but mostly I just felt like I got fat.  Fat is not good.  Makes you feel fat.  Not like “Hey I am Phat!”, but more like oh god my pants feel tight.  I always have wondered what it was like to wear really tight girl pants, now I know.

Time to get back after it all.

A few things have happened

– I sold one of my RM250’s.

– I have been riding the RMZ, and that thing kicks butt.  I am going to rebuild the other RM250 as the Ricky Carmichael replica that it started life as, and sell it off.  I do not think I will be riding anything but that RMZ – it is that good.  Also means that I will have a bunch of RM parts to get rid of on here and on Ebay.

– I am adicted to FRS.  If you haven’t tried it, do.  OMG!

– I am listening right now to David Lee Roth, minus Van Halen.  I know that is wonked, but I am doing it anyway.

– I finished my garage.  It rocks.  If it is empty later today, I will post up some photo’s.

– The coffee is good this morning.

So, yesterday… Scott and I got off our butts and rode.

Me behind the wheel of the trusty steed.  Getting us there!

Me behind the wheel of the trusty steed. Getting us there!

  • No Candi, as we know the way.  Scott's new Sirrius unit rocked us there.  She was pissed.
  • No Candi, as we know the way. Scott’s new Sirrius unit rocked us there. She was pissed.
  • A beautiful sight, but no premix!

    A beautiful sight, but no premix!

    We slid up to Dyracuse in the rain.  The skies parted as we arrived and it turned out to be the most epic day of dirt ever.  I suppose it has been super dry there all summer, and the sand became the really dense loam that added up to being the most fun you can have.

    I mean, you could not have designed better dirt.  That place is great and all, but sometimes when you show up it is just powdery sand.  This is the time that you dream about.  The dirt that keeps you coming back hoping to find it again.

    2 shots.

    That is the MX track. mmm....

    That is the MX track when we were leaving even.  mmm…

    cock your head sideways, and you will see what I am talking about. Oh ya!

    cock your head sideways, and you will see what I am talking about. Oh ya!

    Suited up like the nervous dorks that we are.  15 minutes after arriving, we were taking a look at the loop.  Dyracuse park has purchased another 300+ acres adjacent to the park.  We added a ton of new singletrack in that new area to our loop.  The loop if now over 20 minutes long.  Holy Cow!  20 minutes!  You still get to know it and it can become redundant.  But, when you say to yourself “Ok, one more.”  You better mean it.

    I felt really good.  I would say that I am ready to roll.  The second half of the season is here.

    – Crystal Falls D16 race.

    – Valders WIXC race.

    – Long Lake D16 race.

    – Dresser D16 race.

    – Rhinelander WIXC race.

    – Dyracuse D16/WIXC race.

    – Crawfordsville GNCC

    – OMA “The Race”

    Not a bad way to kick the season to the curb.  Not ready for this one to be over, but ready to get back to racing.

    I love the chaos of the first turn.