Horribly Hilly Hundreds

I have written a few times about glaciers and the effect they have had on the terrain we live in here in Wisconsin.  There is a part of our area of the upper midwest though, that the glaciers avoided.  I do not really understand that, but apparantly the glaciers were selective about the parts of the upper midwest that they scraped flat.  They avoided an area that is called the “Driftless Area”.  I found this definition of that area:

– The Driftless Area includes 15,425,920 acres,which is 24,103 square miles, covering all or part of 57 counties in southeast Minnesota, southwest Wisconsin, northeast Iowa and a small portion of northwest Illinois in the Upper Mississippi River Basin. This unique area was by-passed by the last continental glacier resulting in a steep, rugged landscape.

Yep.  There is it.

Yep. There is it.

It is almost as if there was some sort of spell on the area or something.  The glaciers just went all around it.  They bypassed the area and then just kept going.  Dropping rocks and scraping them off.

Just as it says above, it is steep and it is rugged.  In fact, the 124mile ride has an elevation gain over the ride of 10,500 feet!  The longest climb is 910 feet high, so the 10,000 feet comes at you in small short and steep doses.

Link to the rides website!

Link to the rides website!

It was about 90 degrees yesterday for the ride, and it was super humid.  It was pretty tough.


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