State Soccer tournament

I know this is a blog about our motorcycle racing efforts, but I have to head in a different direction for just one post.  I am the proud parent of a high school kid that had a great experience this past week.

The Lake Mills girls varsity soccer team made it to the final 4 teams in the state. They are the first Lake Mills soccer team ever to make it to what is referred to as “State”.

The girls played kick ass soccer this past weekend, but unfortunately they lost. Their semi final game was played against the top ranked undefeated team in the state. (Lake Mills was not ranked in the top 10 before the tournament began.)

In spite of the rankings, at 55 of 80 minutes, Lake Mills was up 3 to 1. They really owned the game at that point. At 70 minutes they were 3 to 2, a call went against them in the box and they gave a PK to the other team. The call was really questionable, against the goalie as she was diving for the ball. She got called that she took a defender out. That is pretty unheard of, as the goalie is normally given really high leeway as she is diving for the ball. That PK tied up the score, but more importantly it completely shifted the momentum. Hanna told me afterward that they went from winning, to not, in their minds. They let another one sink at 76 minutes and the game was done.  They threw everything they had at the other team in the last 3 minutes, and had 2 shots blocked by the other goalie.

4-3 after 80 minutes of play.  They played like one of the top 4 teams in the state.

They came within 10 minutes from being in the state championship game. No Lake Mills team of any ball sport has ever made it to the final 4. They received a police and fire department escort out of town to drive to the game. They drove in 4 vans all decorated with Lake Mills.  I did not know there were so many fans from Lake Mills to fill a stadium. All the fans had yellow tshirts with Lake Mills Girls Soccer, and “Let’s kick some grass!” on the back (there pregame chant), and the stadium was a sea of hundreds of yellow shirts. All the boys from the Senior/Junior class were there bare chested with Lake Mills painted on their torsos. People had their faces painted. They had cow bells, and horns and noise makers of all types.  They were singing, they were chanting. It was really cool, and the girls definitely were inspired.

It looked like the state final. The team that beat them (St. Mary’s Central) was the top ranked team in the tournament, and it was their 5th time to the state tournament. We watched the other semi final game, and it was not nearly the intensity of the Lake Mills game. I cannot imagine that the final will be a better game than that

They were tough and all played way up.

Proud Dad!


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