Dyracuse – opening day

Perfect!  That is about how I would describe it.  50 degrees, moisture in the soil but no real mud to speak of.  There were a ton of people there.

Joe Bauer, John Buechner and I arrived at about 9:30.  The gate does not open until 10, but we got changed and all set by the time the gate was open.  “Speedy Pete” Laubemeir and a couple of other arrived at 10:15.  We were ready to ride by the time they were unpacking.

The 3 of us went out and found a loop.  A combination of the HS race loop from 2 years ago, and some of the HS race loop from last year.  It was great.  We made about a 15 minute loop, that had the trademark terrain of Dyracuse.  Lots of sand, lots of whoops, lots of fast sections and a bunch of log crossings etc…  Damn, Speedy Pete really is speedy.  Wow.

I was on a plan to see if my bike can run 2 hours with the small tank.  I think I can.  I am going to expand it a bit, just to give me some insurance, but I think I can get a 2 hour race in with the small tank.  I am psyched by that.

My Suzuki worked flawless today.  This is the 06, that I grenaded last year.  But, Mark Junge completely rebuilt the motor for me, and it is sweeeeet!  I love that bike.  My new Moose XCR gear is really really good stuff.

On the way home, John and Joe talked me into do the Enduro down in Indiana with them instead of the GNCC race at Loretta’s.  Loretta’s is 9 hours away.  The Enduro down in Indiana is just 4 hours away.  That did it for me.

This week I will get my enduro bike ready to ride, and I will ride that up at Dyracuse next weekend.

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