First race is almost here!

Damn, we were so close. Over the weekend, it was 60+ degrees. It was dry. Dirt in the woods was perfect. Scott got out and mapped out our practice loop at our local riding spot. It looked like the MTB trails would be opening up this weekend. Things were shaping up perfectly. Then, all hell broke loose on Sunday night.

It started raining on Sunday night, and it has not stopped in 2 days. It is raining cats and dogs out there. All the fields are completely bloated and flooded. The woods are a complete quagmire.

And it gets worse. It is cold, and it is supposed to snow yet this week and weekend. It is going to be an absolute mud bath this weekend.

But, it is March 29 this weekend and I will be racing. It is almost exactly 30 days later start than last year, but it is here and Damn am I ready for it.

I just love the chaos of the first lap.


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