2 days later

2 days later

Here I am in Holland.  Staying at a little hotel in Amersfort called Logies de Taboksplant.  Neat little place inside the old walled in part of the city.  I guess it was a fort at one point.  Some of the town is still that old.  This is where our company headquarters office is here in Europe.

Hard to believe that just 2 days ago, I was ripping my RM250 at the St. Joe trails.  I wish I was back there already.  My bike is great, my new Moose gear is great, I am ready for the season.

My friend Mat Herrington and Ben Grosse made it through the first GNCC race.  Mat did well for his first time in the XC2 class tough class.  Charlie Mullins won, and looks to be tough this year.  But, Paul Whibley was second and Nathan Kanney was 3rd.  Lookout.

Have to go, but will write more about my thoughts on our season and my fitness and my bike later.


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