Thank goodness the weather dweebs got it wrong today.  We are in Farmington Missouri to ride our brains out at St. Joe OHV area.  The weather forecasts had been bouncing around between 50% chance of snow and 90% chance of snow.  They were wrong.  Not that it was really comfortable or anything like that, the high temperature was 29 today and the wind was blowing all day.  It spit snow on us for much of the day as well.  But, we rode.  And I mean it, we rode.

I put in 5+ hours today of testing and riding.  First we put together a little loop.  Probably 5-6 minutes around, but it was really good.  It had a fast 6 foot wide section, it had horribly rutted out and braking holed out down hills.  It had difficult uphills it had everything that we wanted in a test loop.  Perfect.

I was glad we were here just 5 minutes into our ride.  I was cold, but I was riding.

Getting ready to ride.  Looks cold, doesn't it?

Getting ready to ride. Looks cold, doesn't it?

That is my HS bike in the picture, with the #3 on it.  That is Scott’s 144 little bike in the background.

I was trying a few things.

1.  First of all, I do not want to use a large gas tank, if I can help it.  I ran through 2.5 tanks of gas today, but still really do not know if I can make it through a 2 hour race with the small tank.  More testing necessary.

2.  The bump seat.  Homerun.  I started with an all gripper seat cover.  Then I put a piece of foam under the cover in the spot that I thought I would want it there to hold me forward up a steep hill or in the mud etc…  It kicks butt.

3.  I tried the thicker carb spacer along with 2 different exhaust pipes.  An FMF Gnarly and an FMF Fatty.  We used a Fatty all of last year.  It felt like home.  But, the Gnarly was magic.  It gives the bike a strong low end, with almost no mid rpm hit.  Easy to ride, easy to lug down and yet always has enough power if you need it.  This is the combination I was looking for.  Done.

4.  I ran my Factory Connection suspension just as they sent it and it was perfect.  Done.

5.  The new GP4 damper is way better than it was last year.  GPR revalved them for us, and now on 3 it is perfect.  Done.

6.  110 rear tire.  We ran 120 rear tires all of last year.  To be honest, I could not tell any difference.  It is lighter, so this is what I will be running this year.

7.  My new Moose chest protector with the Leatt brace is a little bit tighter than I had hoped.  Hard to get on and off, but once it is on it stays in place really nicely.

So that is what I learned riding my butt off today.  I know my fitness is good, but the first time riding is always so hard.  Wow.

Our friends Mat and Carley and Ben are on their way to Florida.  They are there now and camping in the warmth.  Tomorrow is the practice day for them.  Then the first GNCC is on Tuesday.  Seems like just yesterday when we were doing the same plan.

Good luck guys.  Another half day of riding tomorrow for us, then the drive home.

Completely torched.



3 responses to “Roached

  1. Wow, you are a tech weenie dweeb. We love you anyway.

  2. Sounds like you got most of it sorted out. How big is your tank? My stock tank is 2.8 gal and I think it will work for the WI races. Remember we always burn more gas at Dyracuse because of the sand. Maybe just take a pit crew to Dyracuse to help with a gas stop and maybe you’ll be fine the rest of the races.

    I am working on my bike tonight. My plastic came in as well as the skid plate (carbon), pipe guard (eline carbon), HD tubes and a few other little goodies.

    Can’t wait to get out there with you guys!

  3. Hope the ATV’s didn’t get in your way. You should come down with me to the 6-days qualifier next month. You’ll get to ride all that is behind those perimeter fences….

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