Soon it begins!

It is just 6 days till Scott and I head south to start testing and getting our set ups right for this season.

It is just 10 days till the first GNCC race in Florida.  I will not be there this year, but in spirit it is sort of a begining of the season for me still.

It is just 15 days till the first MXC race in Illinois.  I will not be able to make that one, because it is when we are on vacation.  That race is usually in the snow anyway.

It is just 36 days till the first race that I can do.  An MXC race in Illinois again, which may also still be covered in snow.

Somewhere inbetween all of that we should be able to start riding a bit locally at our private little riding area.

A few weeks ago, I paid for my bar code for the WIXC race series.  The confirmation of that bar code showed up at the house this week.  Here is the link for where you should do that. Look on the left side of the page for the barcode form.  I took #3 as I have become known for.

Today I sent off my transponder order form for the District 16 series.  Here is the link for where you should do that. You have to look a little down the page for the link. I took #3 as I always have been in D16.

My last few notes told teh story of getting my bikes and gear ready.  I am pretty much ready to go.

My new Moose Racing gear is hear and ready to go.

Bring on the season is what I say.  I want to spend Sunday evening cleaning my bikes and gear.  I want to feel completely beat up on Monday after racing.  I want to get out and practice on Wed.  I want to get up early on Saturday morning to drive 3 hours to race against my 5 season nemesis Rob Houts.  I want to see if I can hold off JD from lapping me until as late as possible into the race.  I want to work hard to win my class or fight for a top 3 place and hope for a top 10 overall.  I want to stay up late on the night before a race working on my bike to get it just right.  I just cannot wait.

Even though we are having a huge snow storm today, I can feel the season coming.  The days are getting longer, it is light past 5:30 now.  I have been seeing motorcycles in the back of trucks, even if they are imaginary.  I have been imagining hoping in the truck and heading south to find a race.

Our friend Mat Harrington is heading south to do the first 2 GNCC races.  He has a new 250F and will be racing the XC2 pro class.  That takes some balls.  Mat is fast, but that bunch in that field is crazy fast.  I spent a year trying to stay ahead of them before they lapped me, so I know they are fast.  I know that by the end of the year, Mat is going to be crazy fast also.  Mat, make us all proud.  We will be watching online to see your progress.

I hope that Mat has been putting up the training time.  I know that I found that a 3 hour race was crazy.  It was so incredibly physical, that I just could not believe it.  For me, things will be a bit easier this year.  Although all the local races are only 2 hours long, that is still plenty hard.  I have been training really hard.  This week was a hard week of training.  I am following all the training that Mary Daubert has written up for me.  She is the best.  I have 45 days to make it all stick.

The season cannot get here soon enough.



2 responses to “Soon it begins!

  1. This just winds me up!

    I got my WIXC card last night too!

    Hopefully # 14 will bring me good luck this year!

    Can’t wait to tear it up with you guys on the orange!

  2. That’s so cute that you are signing off ‘JV3’! Awww…

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