Just 12 more days!

Wisconsin winter. It goes on and on and on and on. Occasionally we get a break, and it gets warm for a few days. Then, just when you think things are going to stay much nicer, winter comes storming back into play. That happened to us this week.

On Tuesday this past week the high temperature was almost 70 degrees! Almost all the snow went away. I was able to ride my bicycle, outside. I commuted to work on my bike every day. It was only getting into the 30’s for night time lows. There was grass showing, and we were all allowing ourselves to think that it was almost over. Hell, Scott and I were thinking about what time of day would work best to try to get out and ride for real in the woods. But, it was not to be.

Last night, at about 7pm, it started to snow. There was only a 40% chance of precipitation last night. In my mind, that is a 60% chance that it will not snow. But, the odds decided to proove me wrong. It started to snow at about 7, and it was still snowing when I went to bed. We woke up to about 3 inches of new snow everywhere. We went form spring right back into winter. I should have known better.

So what does my 12 days title have to do with anything? Unfortunately it is more than 12 days of winter left. 12 days gets us to the 1st of March, but here in the great white north that is not the end of winter. But, just a half a days drive south and 12 days from now is pretty much the end of winter.

12 days and we head south to shred. Scott and I have spent the winter getting the bikes ready for a season. Our team calendar, which can be found by clicking the link on the right of this page, is pretty up to date. It goes from here all the way out through early November. There are a bunch of races listed in there. I cannot wait.

But, 12 days from now and we are back on our bikes. 12 days from now and we start the real effort of familiarizing ourselves with riding offroad again.

Today I finished up both bikes. Both bikes started right up on the 2nd kick. Peter at Magura reworked our clutches for us and they are working great. There is pretty much a completely new motor on the harescrambles bike (thank you Mark). The crank is new, the cases are new, the top end is new etc…  That bike will be my faster terrain harescrambles bike.  It will get used for the races that have an MX track included, and for GNCC races.  The 07 has a new top end and clutch.  That bike will get used for tighter courses without an MX track and enduro races.   Both bikes have fresh suspension from Factory Connection. Both bikes have brand new fresh GPRv4 dampers . All fluids are fresh in both bikes (yes, even oil). Fresh Vesrah brake pads in both bikes.

Our main sponsor Mark at Vesrah Suzuki Racing is going with us to St. Joe Missouri to ride in 12 days.  Mark will be riding my 08 GNCC set up. The suspension might be a bit soft for him, but we have clickers for that.  Mark has a huge amount of talent on anything with 2 wheels.  Mark Junge and his Vesrah Suzuki Endurance team is 6 time WERA national endurance racing champion.  I am sure a dirt bike is not going to be something that gives Mark some trouble.

Our friend and local enduro hot shot Brian Terry is going with us as well.  The whole thing is going to be more fun than 4 guys should be allowed to have.

I am planning to ride the bike that is set up for faster Harescrambles races, as I figure that is the bike that I will spend the most time on this year.  I am riding it still with a small tank as I really want to make that work for 2 hour races. I will be trying the thicker carb spacer from Moose racing, in combination with a Fatty pipe and a Gnarly pipe along with a Q silencer.  Some testing to figure out what set up I think I will like the best.  I will also be sporting my brand new Moose Racing gear and a spanky new Bell Moto 8 lid.

12 days will not pass quickly enough.

more to come.


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