Watching the world go by

In Taiwan this week. That always is an interesting week. Taiwan is very very different than any other place that I go for my job or my passions.

Last week I was occupying a corner at a Peets Coffee in San Francisco every morning, watching the city come alive.

This week, I am watching another city come alive each morning. But, the difference is that I am doing it now from a rowing machine in an upstairs corner of the Mandarin Life health club in Taichung Taiwan. I get here at 6:15 each morning while I am here. It is still dark at that point. As I am about 15 minutes into my workout, the sky starts to lighten up and the city comes alive.

From my little corner in the health club I see some really interesting things.
– 3 dogs trying to cross the main drag in Taichung. Dogs in the city get traffic savvy.
– A guy on a bicycle delivering propane tanks. He had at least 5 of them strapped to the back.
– groups of kids on bicycles in their school uniforms going to school.
– swarms of scooters at the traffic light every time it turns red. The scooters are like mortar in a brick wall. They fill in the gaps between all the cars at the stoplight.
– In the morning there is usually more than 1 person on a scooter, as people are scooterpooling.
– The huge trucks full of Chickens and Pigs go right through the city.

Tomorrow I will get out for a road bicycle ride up in the mountains. Although the traffic is bad down in the city, once you get out of town there really isn’t any traffic.

I heard from Scott today, that our new Bell helmets showed up at home. I cannot wait to get home to see them and start putting numbers etc… on them.

Only 22 days till we go south to ride in Missouri. Damn, I cannot wait.


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