Hanna and I in San Francisco

Hanna is my 17 year old daughter. A long time ago, she and I hatched a plan to go to San Francisco to spend a few days knocking around the city and then go to the SX race. Since she had a long break from school and the SX race lined up it made perfect sense.

So on Wed 1/28 after school, she and I loaded into the plane and launched ourselves westward. We really didn’t know what we were going to do, but thought we would just wing it. We did line up a couple of bikes to ride around the city while we were there, and I did call up Gary Fisher to see what he was doing.

Things started to fall into place the day before we came out. And, by the time we arrived a plan had been made. Gary would show us all around the city on Thursday, we would knock off the rest of our sights plan on Friday. Then some more city stuff on Saturday morning and then the SX race.

When we landed on Wed evening, we were confronted by no snow and 49 degree night time temperatures. We both were shocked. It has been a long time since we have seen anything green and an even longer time since we were not cold.

Thursday with Gary was incredible. We rode about 20 miles around the city:
– Filmore street
– Haight area for hippie watching and shopping
– lunch at a Tapas place in Haight
– Mission area at some galleries, and a really weird pirate store
– the best cappucino I have ever had at Cafe ritual on Valencia St.
– All the way down Market street through the financial district and down to the warf area.
– All the way down the Embarcadero to the bridge
– Up out of the city and over the bridge to Marin
– Back across the bridge to the city
– Through the Presidio and back to Filmore area
– Dinner in Japan town center at a Sushi restaurant

Here are some photos from the day.

Arrival night in San Francisco.  Look, no jacket!

Arrival night in San Francisco. Look, no jacket!

Gary and Hanna at Golden Gate park

Gary and Hanna at Golden Gate park

Hanna and I.  Sun!

Hanna and I. Sun!

Hanna at Haight/Ashbury

Hanna at Haight/Ashbury

Gary and I on the Golden Gate Bridge

Gary and I on the Golden Gate Bridge

Wow, what a day!

On the second day, Hanna and I did the following

– Rode over to the warf.  When you go accross the city, and don’t know where you are going, you end up riding up and over all of the hills that you see photos for.  Some of them are just too steep to ride up.  ON PAVEMENT!

– Took the Ferry out to Alcatraz.

Hanna at Alcatraz

– Went to the top of Lomard street and rode down the “Crookedest Street in the city”.

Lombard street.

Lombard street.

– Walked all around Chinatown.

Chinatown gates

Chinatown gates

– Rode the Powell st. trolley all the way around once.

Goon on the trolley

Goon on the trolley

Riding the bridge

Riding the bridge


Hanna found the scooter she wants.

In the evening, we had dinner at a restaurant called Incanto.  It was by far the best Italian food I have ever had.  My had is off to the chef, Chris.  Wow.

The best Italian food ever

The best Italian food ever

Today we will finish a few sightseeing things, and do some shopping in the Haight.

Tonight, the SX race.



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