Daylight Saving time and Bike Work!

Daylight Saving time.
Today at 5:30, I think you could still be out in the woods. You wouldn’t see very well, and you would probably be packing it in then. But, the point is that just 2 weeks ago it was pitch black at 5:30.

Wikipedia says that here in Wisconsin, we are gaining approximately 2 minutes of daylight every day. One minute in the morning, and one minute in the evening. Sunset today was actually listed as 5pm, but as I noted earlier that you probably still could have been in the woods today at 5:30. Today is January 25.

Daylight Saving time starts on March 8. That is the day that we will set the clocks forward 1 hour. 42 days from today. We will gain 42 minutes of evening light between now and then. That means that on March 7, sunset will be approximately 5:40 and you will be able to be in the woods until about 6:15. But, on March 8 sunset will be at 6:40 and you could be in the woods until about 7:15.

I am all about March 8.

Bike Work!
I am in the mode now of working on my race bikes every Sunday. They are not being ridden now, so you would think they would need no work. But, the hours just keep cruising by as I work on them.

Today, I completely rebuilt the motor on my GNCC bike from last year. It was a hard season on that bike, and it will become my Enduro bike this year. I put in a complete new top end of piston, rings, wrist pin, top end bearings etc… The power valve needed to be cleaned. The clutch plates needed to be replaced, along with the clutch springs. The clutch basket actually still looked really good.

Unfortunately, the stator/lighting coil that I bought to try to run some lights would not fit on the bike. I guess I will have to talk to Baja Designs, and see if I can run a battery headlight instead.

It will be a couple of weeks before I can work on it again, as I will be out of town for the next 2 Sundays. But, bearings and the rest of the chassis are the next on the list.

San Francisco next weekend, where I will be at the SX race. Taiwan the following weekend.

Out for now.

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