85 days and counting!

Lot’s going on, and lot’s to do!

It seems that the season is never going to get here this year.  We had high temperatures in the below zero range all this past week.  Lows were well below minnus 20 overnight.  I mean, once it is below minus 5, who cares anyway.  There is a ton of snow outside, it is so cold that salt and sand really doesn’t help the snow covered roads.

There is a lot of stuff to do before the season

– new gear that has to be sorted from Moose Racing.

– both of my bikes need to be rebuilt from the frame and seperated motor that they are now.

– my suspension has been completely redone by Factory Connection.

– I have lots of new plastic from Cycra that needs graphics applied from Victory Graphix.

– There are still a stack of new Pirelli tires that have to be ordered.

– My steering dampers from GPR should be here this week.

– All of my wheels need tires mounted, bearings greased, spokes tensioned.

Mark Junge from Vesrah Suzuki will be taking my bike and Scott’s bike to the Indy show to put on display in the booth.  So, we have a bunch of work to at least 2 bikes that needs to happen between now and then.  I will probably send my bike with my number from the WIXC series this year.  Last year it went with my number from the GNCC series.

Even though there are just 85 days till the first race that I will do down in Illinois, there are actually other things that we need to prepare for.

Time to get moving.


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