Ray’s MTB

So Friday the 9th was my birthday.  Old.  But, I don’t like to act my age.

Liz and the girls conceded to going to Ray’s MTB park with me for my birthday.  On Friday we had to drive Lisa to the airport in Chicago, then planned to head towards Cleveland – as far as we could.

It was raining on the way down to Chicago, but it was snowing by the time we got there.  We really were not in a hurry.  It was quite a bit different than when Scott and I travel together.  We get places.  With the 2 of us we move right along.  With the family, we don’t seem to go too quickly.

We headed out of Chicago into the snow storm of Indiana.  We only made it as far as Elkhart Indiana, where we found a hotel and promptly got buried in snow.  The morning of the 10th, we got going reasonably early (not Joe and Scott early, but about 7:30 family early).

Snow covered truck, on the way to Ohio!

Snow covered truck, on the way to Ohio!

We did eventually get there, but not too early.

Rode for 6 plus hours.  Ugh.  Damn am I tired!

More story and photo’s coming tomorrow.


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