All uphill from here!

Ok. Here it is. December 21. The shortest day of the year. The Winter Solstice. And, man from where I am sitting it is still a long steep uphill.

Here in the Upper Midwest, it is the absolute depths of winter. Today the actual outside temperature was a balmy comfy -3 degrees. That alone will make most people tremble. When you walk out into that kind of temperature, your nose hairs freeze and your exposed skin feels it immediately. But, as if that was not enough we had gusting 30-40 mile per hour winds. That put the windchill at minus 35. That is downright rude.

To top things off, we had 12 inches of snow fall 2 days ago, and then 4 more inches of snow last night. The plows have been by the house multiple times, but the wind keeps blowing all the snow right back over the road.

But, I am trying to be optimistic. It is the shortest day of daylight of the year, afterall. That means tomorrow will be light just a little bit longer, and the day after that a little bit longer again. If you multiply that out, it means we are on our way back to April 1. April is when you can count on starting to be outside riding your bicycle and even more importantly riding your motorcycle. The ground will be wet and muddy at that point, but we will be riding.

Even before that though, we will be riding.

  • Scott and I are going to Waterman indoor MX track on Dec 26.
  • We will be going up to the Sandbox to ride in January.
  • We will be going down to St. Joe Missouri to ride at the end of February.
  • Then, with any luck we will be racing on March 8 in Bill Gusse’s MXC races in Illinois.

So, it is coming, not quickly – but it will get here. 69 days till our first real outdoor riding time, 77 days till the first practice race, 88 days till the first AMA upper midwest enduro and 99 days till the first Harescrambles race. When it is all written out like that, it does not seem like it is that far off. But, it is.

There is still a ton of work to be done before then.

  • My Harescrambles bike is getting near done. The suspension will be back this week. The motor will be finished being rebuilt in the next couple of weeks. The chasis has been stripped cleaned and all bearing surfaces prepped and properly lubricated etc…
  • My Enduro bike is another matter. I have not even started on that yet. It needs all of the above and more. That bike was my GNCC race bike the past year. It had a hard year, so it is being relegated to back up bike/enduro bike status. It is getting a Baja Designs light kit and Factory Connection will do up the suspension super soft for me.

My gear from Moose will be here after the first of the year. There is a huge stack of Pirelli tires just arriving now. Many more things will still need to be stacked up to make our season complete. Although we are not traveling so much to race this season, I have many more races planned for this year than this past year.

But until then, there is still much more winter to endure. Some skiing here and there, but mostly just counting the days till winter is over.

Ugh… Winter.



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