Snow Day

Today was a snow day! The storm of the century was supposed to be coming. When I got up at 5am to go to my fitness class, it was pounding down snow. I checked the local school district website, and it was closed for the day.

Sweet! A snow day! I remember when I was a kid, that was about the coolest thing that could ever happen.

I made the decision right there and then that I was staying home from work today as well. I went to the basement, did an abbreviated core workout and then busted outside to shovel the driveway. Yip!

I came back inside, and answered my emails that had stacked up overnight and then made my calls that I needed to and then waited. I waited for my 17 year old daughter to get out of bed so that she and I could go outside and have a snowball fight.

Of course the storm of the century turned out to just be 5 or so inches of snow. And, I waited and waited for Hanna to get up and go outside with me. She finally got up near noon, and then bombed out of the house to hang with her friends. Ditched. I am just the old man, I guess.

So, I ended up canceling all my appointments for the day and then in the end just sitting here and working on my computer for the day. What the hell kind of snow day is that?


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