Quad People

I do not know if there is a more interesting group of people anywhere! Quad people. ATV riders to be exact. And to be sure, the epicenter of quad-ness is Crawfordsville Indiana!

I know you would not guess it. It surely is not what most think of when they think of Indiana. But, there is not a more beer swilling in the morning, rebel yell volleying, confederate flag waving, mud bogging and quad loving group anywhere in the whole USA. Now of course I have not been everywhere, but I have been a lot of places, and I do not know of anywhere that can beat it.

I am talking donuts in the truck when it is muddy until well after midnight. I am talking smashing into your buddies nice new looking pickup, and everyone just laughing it off because it happened while “mudding” your pickup. It seems like it is the most American of all rights.

So, I love racing my motorcycle. I love the physical nature of it. I love the skill required. I love it because it is 2 wheels. I love the fitness required. I just cannot relate to quads and the people who ride them.

I certainly respect the athletic effort and the skill required. I can watch a quad rider and tell a good one from a lesser one. I just don’t have much of a desire to race one. I suppose it is, like everything, an acquired taste. I know that I have spoken to quad riders about bikes who say the same about bike riders.

I guess that is what makes racing and specifically GNCC racing so great. There are pro’s, there are great amateurs who will be pro some day and there are amateurs who do it just because they love it. That can be said about quad riders and bike riders alike.

How many people does it take to hook up your little pickup to something much larger, and drag it out of the mud? At least 4, maybe 5.

More mud.


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