2 Races to go

Wow.  Seems like just a few months ago, we were building bikes and collecting sponsorship and coordinating gear.

The air is starting to get colder now, and that reminds me of driving to Missouri last winter to try to get in some riding time at a time when riding was hard to find.  It was just 12 months ago, when I shredded my knee and began the long road to getting it healthy again.

So, just 2 GNCC races to go.  Saint Clairsville Ohio, Powerline park.  Crawfordsville Indiana, the Ironman.  There are 2 other possibilities in there.  The Race, the last race of the OMA series is on the off weekend between the last 2 GNCC races.  And, the last D17 Enduro in Morrison Illinois.

Regardless, Powerline park is coming.  It looks like the weather is going to be great.  Rain on Wed and possibly Thursday, but nice over the weekend.  This could turn out to be the first GNCC race I have been to since Florida that is not going to be a mud bath.  I am looking forward to it.

This Friday, we will do our last fly to race.  Sounds exciting from the outside.  In actuality, i really much more enjoy the drive to races than I do the fly to races.  This one is sort of a half and half.  Fly to PA, pick up the van and bikes with the trailer and drive to Ohio.  After the race, we will drive home from Ohio.  So, I will get part of my drive to the races thrill.

See you at the race on Friday.


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