Unadilla – the day before

I had a pretty good nights sleep last night. Damn, I sleep so well in the trailer. I am not sure why that is. The mattress is really good, the outside air, the earplugs (to keep out the generator sounds), being at the race site…? Not really sure what the mix is, but I just know that I really really love it.

We woke up to a pretty nice morning. No rain, but it was raining by the time we were done with breakfast and getting started on the bikes. Remember, our bikes we just barely washed and jammed back in the van. The van spent the past 2 weeks in PA, and the bikes needed a complete workover before they can be raced. On top of that, you may recall that I had a terrible time of it in Snowshoe. My bike overheated numerous times, and had to be refilled with water twice during the race.

I have never shown up to a race with a dirty and not prepped bike. It was stressful.

I checked the top end, the Orings were in place and the rings and piston looked good. But, as I was taking things apart, I noticed that the hoses from the head to the radiator were not tight. In fact, they were completely loose and the hose clamps were dangling around the hose. Ugg. OMG. I am the reason my bike would not run at Snowshoe. I did not tighten the hose clamps down on the radiator hoses. Jeeze. I did not finish the race, because of my own stupidity. I could have kicked myself in the head.

At least there was not more wrong with the bike. I felt relieved.


new gaskets and Orings on the top end.

new clutch plates and springs

fresh Zipty waterless radiator fluid

changed the oil

new spark plug

clean air filter.

Wheel bearings cleaned and repacked

Stock jetting

5 hours later, the bike was cleaned of the caked on much and mud in spots that it should not be, and ready to go. We gassed up and rode over to registration and tech inspection.

We watched the afternoon Quad race form a few different spots around the course. Here are a few shots.

Quad course before the afternoon race got there.

Balance at speed.

McGill on the gas.

Random quad after the morning race

Word is there may be as many as 1600 bikes here to race this weekend. If the bike sign up lane is any indicator, it will be a huge rae..

Even up in NY, you can still find a guy in a confederate flag.. This one is pretty posh.

Back at the campsite, things were going really big. Mat and Carley and Ben, showed up tonight. The are camping in a tent just outside our place. It si always fun to have them at a race.

This is a big race, and there are a lot of people partying around the property. It is 9pm, and I can hear bikes being ridden all over. Tomorrow is going to be great. I will leave you with a few more photos.

Unadilla MX track! Wow. All you need now is RC or Villipoto or Stewart scrubbing jumps and whipping the bike all around. Or, better yet Bob Hannah. I can tell you now, that gravity cavity is scary.

Trees are turning colors already here.

I called this kid Hank. Even darkness did not stop him from tearing around the camp on his bike.

Clown-man was a fixture around the pits.

Just a guy in a clown suit, ripping around the pits.

Biggest race yet, tomorrow. I cannot wait.



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