Back home after snowshoe

If you have been reading along, you know that I stayed in Snowshoe after Scott left with the van and trailer, to do a week of meetings there with the product development group from work, and to ride mountain bikes.  That all came off really well, and we had a bunch of great meetings.  But more important than that, I had 6 days of riding 2 wheelers.  Including, 2 days of long XC riding and 2 days of DH riding on the lift served.

It was great!  I had a great time, and Snowshoe is a great place for mountain bike riding.  The same terrain that made the GNCC race so tough, makes for really fun MTB terrain.  Tough, but really really fun.

I have gathered up a bunch of parts to make my bike ready for the next GNCC.  I have to ship all those out to  meet up with the van, to make it up to Unadilla.  Saturday before the race will be a lot of hours of working on the bike.

– chain + sprockets

– brake pads

– tires

– jetting

– clutch plates + springs + clutch rod + and clevis arm

– piston + rings

lots of day before work.

In the mean time, I found this little video from the Snowshoe GNCC race.  enjoy!

Snowshoe GNCC video



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