Snowshoe GNCC


Snowshoe GNCC


Last night was the wettest, dewiest night I have ever seen.  Not rain, but just dew.  It was so wet that even the inside of the camper was wet.  We were getting dripped on from the ceiling all night long.  It felt you were sleeping out in the rain. 


But, the sun came up bright in the morning.  You could tell it was going to be a fabulous day.  We did our usual morning of the race day routine.  Breakfast, pooping, working on bikes, more pooping, preparing gear and camelbaks, more pooping, making some lunch, packing up the trailer, taking photos, watching the morning races and of course more pooping.  Or, maybe that is just me in the morning.  I think I am known as the most active pooper of my generation.  I don’t really know what people are talking about when they say they have a hard time with it, or that they really think about it when they get old.  I don’t think I will have that problem.


We went and watched the morning races at the top of the mountain.  It was pretty cool.  There really isn’t a cooler spot in the world to have a motorcycle race.  I do have some photos from the morning race. 


The course is was super super technical, and that made all lap times slower than anticipated and made all the races late to start as they had to wait for the previous race to get off the course.  Our race was not going to start until 2pm.  Damn.  If there is one thing I would fault the GNCC races for, is that they never start on time. 


The start is on the pavement, GP race style.  You line up in waves of 5 riders, and waves go off every 10 seconds.  It is a great format.  It spreads the riders out much better as you go into the woods and reduces the bottlenecks dramatically.  I wish that all GNCC races were done the same way.  I was nervous about it in advance, but after doing it I really like it. 


We went and walked a few woods sections before the race.  Imagine the Last Man Standing race in Texas, only put it in the trees with moisture.  The mudd, the roots, the downed trees, the steep uphils, downhills and side pitches.  Wow.  I have never seen a trail as technical as this one.  I have also never ever done a race as fun as this one.  The course kicked butt.


Everyone kept warning me about how tough it was going to be.  And it was tough, but it was also the most fun I have ever had on a motorcycle.  Wow, the rocks.  The place is just one big jagged rock.  I ran my suspension really soft, and super gnarly tubes in my tires with just 9psi.  My motorcycle was magic.  It handled superb, it turned, it braked, it gobbled up the roots.  There were times when I was stopped at the bottom of the hill, and I would get lined up to get up a super steep technical section, and it would just squirt right up the hill.  I never got stuck in the mud so that I could not get going.  I only had to get off my bike 5 or 6 times the whole race. 


But, as good as the motor was on my bike and as good as the suspension was, I did have a problem.  My bike overheated.  I ran the radiators completely dry – twice.  I was powering through a mud hole in the first lap, and my bike started spitting coolant all over the place.  I kept going.  In the next mudhole, it did the same thing.  Finally it stopped doing it and I knew I was completely dry in the radiators.  I stopped at my pitts on the end of the first lap, and filled the radiators.  Yes, it was completely dry.  Four complete waterbottles to fill it.  Off I went and it was running great.  In the same mud holes the 2nd lap, it did the same thing.  Seemed as soon as the motor was really under load, it would belch fluid everywhere.  When I came around the pitts on lap 2, it was completely dry again.  I decided to call it a day, as I did not want to do serious damage.


Scott is convinced that I had my jetting too rich, and that caused the problem.  I do not understand how rich jetting could make it overheat.  I will have to do some research on that one.


So, I only got 1.5 hours on the coolest course ever.  I may have to come back to this one.


Scott had an incredible race.  He also loved the course, and I believe he got 3rd in his class.  His best result yet.  But, I will let him tell you about his race.


Mat, Carley and Ben all had great races also.  I do not know their places, but I know they were all smiles after the race.


Here are some photos, just to keep John B interested.



Scott, morning of.  Bike work, as usual. 


My bike, I am probably off relieving myself somewhere.


Our little Wisconsin redneck compound at the race.


Mat and Carly, getting ready for their races.




One of the open areas of the course.


Mountain bike skills drop area, with riders in the background.


Rode the chairlift up the mountain, this is looking down on the course during the morning race.


First turn shenanigans!  Turning a dirt bike in a race on pavement.  Melee.  There were a tone of crashes here in the morning race. 


Out till Unadilla


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