Arrival – Snowshoe

We woke up this morning to a light rain, in Hebron Ohio.  A KOA campground, although they spell it as Kampground.  Cute, eh?          It was a light rain, almost a soaker, but not bad.  The air was saturated, and the ground was wet.  It was beginning to look like mud.  It kind of makes me skulk around like a Gollum. 


Western Ohio was cool.  Very hilly, lots of trees.  The kind of terrain that you know would make good motorcycle riding.  That would explain why there are so many Ohio license plates at GNCC races. 


When we got into West Virginia, it got even better.  Mountainous and rocky and trees.  And, still raining.  Ugh.  It is going to be a mudder.  The rain did stop eventually.


Snowshoe is a legitimate ski area.  It has lifts, it has condo complexes and it has a village.  The weird thing is that it is at the top of the mountain.  I am used to ski mountains in the Rockies, where the lodge and village are at the bottom of the hill.  It feels weird to park at the top of the hill, and ski down the hill.  We do have upside down ski areas in the Midwest as well, but they don’t feel right either. 


We are parked on a cat track road on the hill.  It is flat and we are right along the course.  We are in our tent sided trailer.  Apparently there are Bears in the area here.  We have taken all of the precautions that we can.  All the food and the trash is in the van, instead of in the trailer here with us.  Everything stinky is in the van, except Scott and I.  If the Bear wants to eat one of us, then he will have us, but it will not be because we left garbage in the trailer with us.  If you are reading this, then I lived through the night and was able to post this on the blog site. 


As usual, we are ending out night on the road the same was that we always do.  Writing the blog.  Scott on his end of the trailer, me on mine.  Both with our ipods on, and both probably writing about the same things.  We are traveling together, after all. 


The big race is tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will either live or die.  We looked at the course today for about 1 mile.  It is the roughest, rootiest, rockiest, no doing well, slimiest, slickest, tire and bike eating thing that I have ever seen.  It is really going to be tough. 


Friends from Wisconsin are here as well.  Ben Grosse, who I raced to the final race in the A class in D16 2 years ago.  Mat Herrington, a decent AA rider from D16.  Carly Whitehorse who is not only a former D16 women’s champ but also Mat’s girlfriend.  They made the long trip here as well to get in the most famous GNCC race. 


We are going to have a ball.  Here are some photos to set you in the mood.  (enjoy John)



This is what the road looked like for the last 100 miles or so!


Great looking roads, not very cycling friendly. 


Look closely!  You will see the speedometer was only on 35 or so.  It was slow going!


Better view of the speedo hovering at below 40mph.


As I said, the scenery was incredible!


There were some spectacular buildings in some of the small towns.


There were also dogs being serious co-pilots!


Apparently Hiwatha was from around here. 




Or Maybe just Crazy Harry!

Maybe this is crazy Harry?  Wheelchair going down the highway at will.


One of the few places in the world, outside of Asia, that is still advertising tobacco this aggressively.  I think.


The view from our campsite.


Cannot believe they will let us race motorcycles here.


Kind of muddy for the quad riders.  Glad I am not one. 


Out till tomorrow.



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