The Road to Snowshoe

Back on the road again.  It feels good.  I really like the road thing.  I have to admit that I really missed it, in a sore butt, have to pee, one more town, mind numbing kind of way.  There is something really primal about it.  The scenery goes by and you get to see it all.  When you fly, you miss it all.  You don’t get the feel and the smell of it all.  You don’t see the dingy truck stop, the kids in the back of the mini van watching a movie or the hot soccer mom driving them along.  I like the KOA campgrounds, I like the cars and the thinking time.  I like the snacks in the car.  I like the road.


I also admit that I was pretty taxed after 5 races this spring.  It was 10 weeks straight of leaving town every other Friday, arriving at the race site, watching the quad race, working on bikes and taking my mountain bike around the course on Saturday, then it was race morning on Sunday, the race, then packing it all down, driving to where we were taking off from on Monday, Monday morning was cleaning bikes and working on bikes and doing laundry, then it was rush to the airport, home at midnight and then to work the next day at 8 am.  It was tough, and it took its toll. 


But, since we made that commitment to do the GNCC thing, it meant we were not doing local races.  Since we had problems with injury and burn out at the end of that we actually started our summer break early.  The long and short of it is that we have not really raced much in quite a while, and I am absolutely jonesed to get on my race bike again.  I cannot wait.


So we headed out of Lake Mills at about 11am this morning.  Kind of a leisurely start to the day.   We are at a campground past Columbus.  We figure we have about 5 hours of driving that we will get straight to in the morning.  Plan to arrive at Snowshoe before noon. 


Today was a boring drive.  It is Illinois, Indiana and Ohio after all.  Not much different than Wisconsin, so we slept most of the way.  Both of us.  No photo’s as photo’s of a corn field would be silly.  Didn’t really even see much interesting either.  Oh well.


Snowshoe.  It is going to be super hard.  The hardest offroad race in America, or something like that.  Our friends Mat Herrington, Carly Whitehorse and Ben Grosse from D16 will be there as well this race.  I just got a text message from them.  They are on their way and planning to drive all night.  We will catch up to them on the road in the morning. 


We did decide that Quizno’s is better than Subway today.  I know that is earth shattering news for most of you.  Prior to this Subway has pretty much dominated all travel restaurants in our book.  I mean how can you go wrong?   Bread choice, they make it for you, you can pick out all the stuff you want to put on the sandwhich and you don’t have to clean anything up.  But, Quizno’s is better.  They do all that same stuff, but then they heat it up for you.  I know you can get a Subway heated up, but they have a huge oven thing there in Quizno’s that they do not have at Subway.  That kicks.  I think we will start a whole new count for the fall.  I intend to beat the Subway count with the Quizno’s count.


Oh yeah. Photo’s tomorrow. 


Later – Out.


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