Bicycling July

We have had a break planned in our racing for July and August from the start of this adventure. Scott was anticipating that time to devote to his new family, and I was planning to use the time to do some cycling pieces that I have been looking forward to.

On Monday, Liz and I are leaving for a 9 day long cycling adventure in France. Monday we are flying to Paris. In Paris, we do not have anything really planned. I was there when I lived in Europe as a kid, Liz has never been there. We are going to do the usual tourist things – Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Champs Elysees, La Louvre, etc… But, our plan is to get around the city and be tourists by bicycle. Paris has the Velib bike sharing program. That program allows you to check out one of 20,000 bicycles from one of the thousands of bike stations around the city, and then check it back in at another bike station. And, it only costs 1 euro per hour of use. It is a pretty cool way to get around the city. We will be taking lots of photo’s.

After Paris, we are taking the train down to Biarritz. In Biarritz, we will join up with a bicycle touring company (Trek Travel) and take part in a 6 day ride in the mountains. The 5th riding day takes on the L’Etape du Tour (citizens ride during the Tour de France). That goes from Pau to Hautecam and goes over the famous Tourmalet climb along the way. Many a race has been won and lost during the Tour on the Tourmalet. I have never been to it, so we are really looking forward to is. So, in spite of my knee, we are going to give it a try.

We return from France on the 9th. The weekend after we return, Scott and I both are planning to do the double D16HS race at Hixton. I really like double race weekends, and I have always loved Hixton. We will take a break from our July pursuits and do a local weekend of HS racing. Seems kind of weird to say that, as this blog and this summer were meant to be about racing. But, it is July.

On the 21st of July, we are taking our annual family vacation to Whistler BC. to do some mountain biking. We have been going there for a few years now, and my whole gang loves to ride there. It is just like going to a downhill ski area (funny that is, since it is the largest downhill ski area in the world). You get off the lift, and there are ability marked DH trails in all directions – just like downhill skiing. It is a ripping good time. I plan to post up a helmet cam montage from the trip. Here is a nice little helmet cam piece of 2 of my favorite trails there, I found on Youtube.

We return from Whistler on the 29th, and then on August 1st Liz and I are teaming up to do a 12 hour mountain bike race together. The 24 hours of 9 mile, in Wausau Wi., is the 24hour national championships. But, there is a 12 hour race that runs from 10 to 10. We are going to do that, for fun, then sleep in the camper and get up in the morning to watch the finish at 10 of the national racers.

So, it is a Bicycling July.

My friends Mat Herrington and Carley Whitehorse went down and did Yadkinville. Matt got 5 laps in the 200A class. Carley got 4 laps in during the women’s race. You can check them out at

My knee looks to be pretty bad. It does not seem to be getting any better. I had an MRI, and that showed some questionable results. I have another exam when I get back on the 10th. I suspect they are going to want to cut into it, and I will have to try to schedule that around my other things I want to get done during this summer and fall. I also will need to do some skiing this summer with my family. Ugh – I don’t know if I am cut out for another winter of knee rehab. But, I guess that is the cost of doing all this stuff.

Wishing a big GOOD LUCK to our sponsors at Vesrah Suzuki WERA team. They are in Las Vegas this weekend for a round of the WERA endurance race. They had a big call out on the WERA website. quote “Will Vesrah Suzuki continue to dominate or will they have a challenge this coming weekend in Las Vegas… is after all the gambling capital of the US.” check them out at

Go Mark!



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