I think that 6/21 is the summer solstice.  That would be the day that our part of the planet, in the northern hemisphere, is tilted closest to the sun.  That would make it the longest daylight day of the year.

OMG.  I don’t think I can handle the meaning of that.  That means that the daylight period today will be slightly shorter than yesterday, and tomorrow will be shorter still.  It means that we have begun the slow march toward winter, toward the end of the motorcycle season etc…  When you live as far north as we do, it is a hard fact to swallow.  It seems that it was just a few weeks ago, when I was riding my bicycle with full winter gear on and that my motorcycle had winter jetting still installed.

To celebrate the summer solstice, and the fact that my knee appears to not need surgery, Scott and I went to Dyracuse to ride for a couple of hours.  Scott has been really busy with work and his young family lately, so he frankly had not even messed with his motorcycle since the Crandon race.  I had a really busy week with my knee and all, this past week so I did not have any time to even clean my bike up after the enduro.

That is before we rode.  I know, it is filthy!

I don’t think I have ever shown up to ride with my motorcycle  already dirty.  I know that is super anal sounding, but I just really like having it nice a new feeling before the ride.

In the van on the way there, Scott asked me what I was going to be working on that day.  I told him that it was all about seeing how my knee was going.  That was my intention.

Starting the bike up was a bit difficult as my knee has to be completely bent at the top of the kickstart stroke.  My knee is pretty full of fluid, so it just does not want to bend like that.  Out on the trail, the knee did not bother me in regular riding, but it was really hard to use the back brake into a turn.  I have no feel on  the lever, and it is impossible for me to use the brake while slid forward going into a turn.  I was forced to do all my braking before I sat down for the turn, and that made me really slow.

Oh well.  I was riding and my knee does not need surgery.  (At least that is the diagnosis now, until we see the MRI.)

Scott is faster than me.  One – because he has more skill.  Two – because he takes meticulous notes on his set up and how the bike worked for the day.

Dyracuse was running a mud bog while we were there.  They had dug a big long ditch, about as wide as 2 pick up trucks, and filled it with mud and water.  I guess the goal was to try to make it through that slop.  This just isn’t something that makes much sense to a woods motorcycle guy.  Quad riders seem to take a huge amount of satisfaction in that.  Oh well.

Lots of set ups like this one there yesterday.

Over and out for today.


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