Good news!

Today I went to the doctor to have my knee looked at.  They did Xrays, manipulated my knee in a lot of different ways.  It turns out, that I probably have a severe tear of one of the many different muscles in your calf.

When I described the injury, lifting my motorcycle up over something and feeling a pop in the back of my knee, along with feeling like someone whacked me in the back of the knee with a stick.  Apparently, that is really common circumstances and feeling for a torn calf muscle.

The pain is in the back of my knee, and spreads down into my calf muscle.

As I mentioned, they did an Xray and a bunch of manipulation.  Basically the Doc said that as far as he can tell without an MRI, I do not have any ACL damage, or any PCL damage, or any meniscus damage etc…  My Doctor is Doctor Glad in Madison.  He is probably the greatest orthopedic there is, at least judging from how good my fixed knee feels.

I still have an MRI scheduled for next Tuesday, just to confirm that there isn’t something going on with the ligaments or the meniscus.


Now the rest of the summer

– cycling trip to Europe

– mountain bike trip to Whistler

– 24 hour mountain bike race at the end of July

– mountain bike trip to Northstar

and the fall GNCC races are still On!!!!


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