Loose Moose National Enduro – Marquette – day before

So all week was more rain at home. I mean it rained. It rained and rained and would not stop raining. This was a rain to stop the clocks. Houses floated down rivers, complete roads washed away, bridges were out…it is crazy. Even the interstate was closed due to flooding. As usual, events like that just make me want to ride my motorcycle. I got completely jonesed to race.

There are no GNCC races this weekend, no OMA races, no local harescrambles races… but, there is the national enduro up in the UP of Michigan. I have been dying to do a national enduro, so this seemed like the one. Now that an enduro can just be ridden, a little like a harescrambles race, I am all for it.

Scott is out of town and had to work through the weekend, so I phoned up my friend Brian (www.afabmotorsports.com) and my friend John Buechner and we all planned to head up to the enduro together.

At first I was going to ride with Brian, after all if I can not be in the abductor van with Scott and Candi the stripping navigator, then I should be with someone. But funny thing, as I was packing to go, I decided I could not live without the camper there and all my camping stuff. So, I ended up driving myself up.

My rig is kind of cheesy compared to Scott’s abductor van. But, the important part was getting the camper up there with me. I did not want to sleep on the ground. Brian likes to rough it more than me.

Notice how I have to put the tailgate down to get the bike in, and that makes it a pretty tight squeeze for the camper. If I drive carefully and do not go through any bike dips it does not hit. I also cannot turn real sharp, or the tailgate will hit the propane tank.

Another view of what Liz calls my “girlie” truck. With the worlds greatest motorcycle stuffed into the back. (Have I mentioned how absurd it will be if Suzuki truly decides not to import the RM250 2stroke into the USA any longer?)

I mentioned at the start that most of southern Wisconsin is under water. The funny part is that when you get up to central and northern Wisconsin, it is super dry. This state has the wackiest weather of any place in the world. Today we drove straight up the center of the state, up into the UP of Michigan. We saw water over bridges, we had to ford virtual rivers flowing across the road, we saw turtles all over the road (one of them was a huge snapper, that tried to get his gob around John’s ankle and break it. That was a sight.), we had to detour a few times around roads that were almost washed away. Wow.

A national enduro is apparently a big deal in the world of enduro’s. But, compared to a GNCC race it is not much bigger than a local HS race. There are a few more people, but there are no semi trailers, and there is no pits to speak of. I saw Mike Lafferty just walking around the pits and his mechanic working on his bike just down in the dirt like the rest of us.

We did set up a nice campsite though.

From out campsite, we had a view of our next GNCC rig. This was one sweet Suburban. Doesn’t everyone need/want a ratty old Suburban raised and a really loud exhaust?

There was a really cool thing going on around our campsite. There was a little kid riding his little bike, nonstop around our campsite and his families campsite. I was just like that kid. I would ride my mini bike until there was no gas at all left in it. Then collapse into my bed.

We dubbed this kid Hank. Hank never stopped riding. He would not even stop long enough for us to ask him a question. Below is a nice little sequence of him riding.

Look at that concentration!

So evening came, and I fell into my routine. Prepping to camper for sleeping, cooking and eating dinner, cleaning up the dishes and then writing to this blog site. I know, a creature of habit.

Wow. Another, salad, chicken and pasta dinner. I am in a rut.

Last shot below is my prep method of getting enough carbohydrates in while I am racing. Mary Daubert says that I need to get at least a few hundred calories in during a race. Cytomax in the camelback and gu packets affixed inside my chest protector is my answer to that.

Looks goofy, but it works. I can just reach in and pull out a gu packet.

So tomorrow is the big ride. I am trying to ride with a helmet camera tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to post up a helmet cam video from the event.


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