Rain, graduation, more rain!

This has been an eventful week.  Not much in the way of motorcycles, but an eventful week nonetheless.

For those of you out there who are my age, you know what I am talking about with high school graduation.  If you do not have kids, or if your kids are little, let me fill you in.  Your kids going through high school graduation is the thing that will tell you that you are getting old more than any other event in your life.  (At least so far.)

First of all, the event itself is really tough.  There is hardly a dry eye in the house during the event.  As soon as the band started playing, just the warm up songs, my wife was tearing up.  I was not too far behind.  At one point during the ceremony, the senior choir sang a song and it was all that most of us could do to keep from getting choked.  Even the siblings were teary eyed.  For that matter, many of the seniors themselves were teary eyed.

The event itself makes you feel older than anything else.  Not racing the senior class, not getting your first prostrate exam – nothing makes you feel old like your kids graduating from high school and heading off to college.  It seems that Liz and I were just going off to college ourselves last year.  Wow.  Time flies.

Both of my kids are heading off to Europe for much of the summer, so Liz and I will get to see a preview of our lives day in and day out without a pile of teenagers running around the house.  It will be kind of quiet.

While the kids are gone, we are going for a cycling vacation.  Liz is way into cycling and that is what she wanted to do.  Should be fun.  Then, when the kids get back we are all going to Whistler BC for a week of mountain biking in late July.  So, as you saw from the home page, Scott and I started our GNCC summer break 1 race early.  That means a bunch of cycling events (a couple of century’s and a 12 hour mountain bike race) and a few local Harescrambles races until early August when we will begin to focus our training on 3 hour events again.

Liz and I did a century ride yesterday.  It was really hot and humid, but it was a good day.  The route worked out perfectly – into the wind on the first part of the ride and then with a tail wind on the second part of the ride.  Perfect.

It was also perfect, because it started raining really big about 1 hour after we were finished.  It rained and rained.

I think I will do the National Enduro up in Marquette Michigan next weekend.  I have never done a National Enduro, but they sure sound like fun.

When I got up this morning, it rained.  It rained and rained and rained.  I have never seen it rain so much.  I was going to head up to Dyracuse and ride today, but when I saw how hard it was raining and checked the weather to see that it was raining just as hard up at Dyracuse I decided that it was not worth it to drive all the way up there.  So, I went into the garage and worked on an inventory of Suzuki parts and cleaned up gear etc…

There are huge huge puddles in the farmers fields.  Lakes of water actually, in the farmers fields.  Did I mention it was raining this morning?

That is it for now.  I will have some stories from the Enduro after next weekend.


One response to “Rain, graduation, more rain!

  1. Don’t worry. You don’t look 60.

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