No Sparta – local race instead

So this weekend is the Sparta KY. race. My oldest daughter is graduating tomorrow, so I am not at the race. I love racing my motorcycle, but she only graduates once, so I am not there. No other explanation necessary in my book. But, it does feel like I am missing something.

Right now Scott and I are in the van, as we can often be found on a Saturday morning, heading to a local D16 race. It is a bit far, 4 hours of driving each way, for a 2 hour race. But, I don’t think either one of us can resist. I had to do some big negotiating at home to be gone for the day. My mother is in town for Ali’s graduation, and I really probably should be there. But, it is a race in Wi… Rob will be there… Jim will be there… there will be mud… I just cannot stay home.

Given our usual level of prep this year, it feels as if I am just going for a local ride. I mean the van loading to 5 minutes at 6 am this morning. We didn’t even have to put it all in there like a jigsaw puzzle. Just stuff it in and go. Wow. When we are going to a GNCC race, the van is completely stuffed . Weird.

This race was supposed to be an early start with all classes on the course at the same time. When we decided to go, that seemed to work as we would both want to be home early for various reasons. The format got switched at the last moment back to the standard format. It means the race doesn’t start until 12:30. I guess the course was shortened or something and that is why we have gone back to the standard format. Too bad. But, we had already mentally committed that we were going,

So here we are. Cruising down the road at 75 as usual, thinking about when we will stop and get gas and to poop. The usual stuff.

It is always fun to do local races. The guys at Dirt Bike magazine have made note that you always enjoy your local races the most. That is where you know the guys on the start line. You know who you passed in the woods, or who passed you. The guy pointing you to the best line in the mud you can trust, because you know them. The dirt feels familiar. The guys in my class all have to go to work on Monday, so they race sane. Etc… They are right. I cannot wait.



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