No Ohio

Ohio is today. That would be the John Penton Ohio race. I am not there.

Scott was never going, as his wife was due this past week. She lived up to that due date as well.

But, I was supposed to be going. I got so burned out with the van thing after Loretta’s, that I did not want to go all by myself. I could not get any of my family to go, they had work and soccer games. I could not get any of my local racing buddies to go, as they did not want drive all the way there to do a mudder. So I wimped out. I decided that I just could not do it. That is not a good sign.

Talk about a mudder. I looked at the pictures on the website from the ATV race, and OMG. Wow. It has been raining there for days and days and it is forecast to rain again on race day. I would not have enjoyed that much mud.

Yesterday I rode my practice bike at Dyracuse. My practice bike and my race bike are almost the same, but there are a few subtleties that make them different. I think the main thing is the jetting. My practice bike is still set up for when it was really cold (170main and 4th clip on the needle). That makes it kinda rich for 60 degrees, but I like the power better like that. I remember Shane Watts riding a YZ250 for a few races last year. His comments were that the bike just had 5HP too many. I think he was doing things like multiple base gaskets to get less power. Scott feels that in effect, that is why I like the rich jetting. I get plenty of grunt out of it, but I do not get the power hit. It makes me feel more comfortable on the bike. I feel that it takes less effort to ride my practice bike than it does to ride my race bike.

But, other than that one thing I am still working through, my bike is fantastic.

The RM 250 is just such a great bike. I let my friend Tyler take a lap on my bike at Dyracuse when we were done riding. He rides a CRF250, and is getting to be pretty fast. He said it took a while to get used the a 2 stroke again, but he could not believe how much better my bike handled than his and how much easier it was to horse the front end around. He felt that it was just way way easier to ride the 2 stroke, than it was his 4 stroke. I remember making those exact statements. On the way home, he said he thought that was an expensive test ride for him, as now he feels that he needs a 2 stroke. I for one hope that I am never forced to ride a 4 stroke. I am sending weekly letters to Suzuki asking them to continue to develop and market the 2 stroke.

The Vesrah brakes are just dynamite. I cannot say enough about Mark and the gang at Vesrah. They have been super super helpful to Scott and I to get this season off the ground. We could not have done it without them. The Pirelli tires never fail to impress me, Vortex bars and sprockets are super durable. I love my G2 throttle tube and how it helps to mellow the power. AJ at Victory Graphics sent us enough decals to keep the Cycra plastic and Bell helmets looking spectacular. And of course I just cannot get enough of my Magura hydraulic clutch.

There is a local race next weekend, I am going up with the kids to make a camping night of it.  We will stay at the race site, and have a campfire and sleep in the camper.  It is a 2 day race, but I can only do the Saturday race as there is a scholarship event that my older daughter and I want to be at on Sunday.  Doing the local race will be fun.  It has been since early last September since I have done a local race.  I hurt my knee just after that, so I had to bail on the rest of the season.  It will be really fun to see all the usual suspects from the past few years there.


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