Saturday – April 26, Loretta’s quad day

During the night, we had another spectacular thunderstorm. The heavens opened up for most of the night. When we woke up, it looked like it must have rained 2+ inches during the night. The field that was dry and dusty when I arrived, was an absolute quagmire. The gravel road had puddles 2-3 inches deep in every low spot. There were trucks stuck everywhere. Still not as bad as the muddy field that we saw in Crawfordsville last year, but a mud pit nonetheless.

The poor little kids. This is what the course has looked like for the little kids on quads every race this year, and if you look closely at that kid, you can see what they end up looking like. Covered in mud, head to toe.

By the time the pros raced in the afternoon, it was much better. Here are a couple of pictures from there race.

McGill chasing Balance down the hill.

Whoops! Be careful. That downhill was actually really steep. Pictures never do it justice.

It turned out to be a really nice day.

Shane gave me some jetting specs, but I did not like them, so I am going back to what I had before. I had my bike apart a few times today, and it looks like I will have it apart again tomorrow.

The quad guys are mostly gone, so it is really quite tonight. I can hear a generator across the field, but there is nobody riding around the parking field and parking lot. And, the guys with the dueling country and western music are gone.

Tomorrow is 70% chance of rain. I am guessing that it is going to be a mudder tomorrow. Oh well. I should be happy with mud now. GNCC races are always muddy.

Men Yana!


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