April 25 – on my way to Loretta’s

Doesn’t that sound cool? What I wouldn’t give to be 13 all over again, and be heading to Loretta’s. I guess this is my middle aged breakdown. Doing all these races at all these really famous places.

Last night was a tough night to sleep. I am pretty excited to be going to Loretta’s, Scott is not with me so I have to handle it all on my own, I was in Asia all week so I was suffering some serious jet lag and we experienced one of those great Midwestern middle of the night thunderstorms last night. It all conspired to allow me only about 3 hours of sleep. To top it all off, the storm made the alarm go whacky and somehow it went off an hour early. I only discovered that when I was already eating breakfast an hour earlier than I needed to. Oh well.

Liz dropped me off at the airport at about 6am because I am driving home alone, and if the truck was there I would struggle to figure out how to get it home. I am flying to Atlanta, picking up the van at airport parking, driving across town to pick up the trailer at my friend Dan Thornton’s place, stop at a store to pick up groceries and blast to Hurricane Mills, Tn.

It seems my pulled calf muscle from last weekend is mostly gone. Hopefully that is true and it does not act up during the race, as it was bad enough that it cut my training ride early last weekend. It will be grueling to tough it out through it for the whole race if it does act up. But, I promise that I will not pull out early for that. It is Loretta’s, after all.

My bike needs some work still from Big Buck. I intend to turn my rear tire around, to put on new brake pads, to check my clutch, to put in a fresh plug, to check my jetting (especially if it ends up hot and humid as it normally is there), possibly I will need to mount up some new grips etc… It will be a normal Saturday prep.

Later the same day.

I arrived in Atlanta, picked up the van, picked up the camper, filled the campers water tank, went to the grocery store and then headed out of town. It was good to get out of Atlanta for good. That is not my favorite place. My favorite things happen outside of a city, so when I am in a really big one I definitely feel out of place.

I made my way out of Georgia and then across Tennessee. Unfortunately the van started cutting out again. So, my pace was not the fastest, as it runs best if kept below 70. It is going to be a long drive home.

I am sitting here, 8:30 at night outside my camper, typing notes from the day. It is probably about 70 outside still. Really nice. There are stars showing, but rumor has it that we should get a couple of hours of rain tonight. Typical. It is a GNCC race after all. It needs to be muddy.

I am at THE Loretta Lynn’s ranch. There is a big sign outside that says “Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch. The Coal Miners Daughter.” Wow. I feel like I had better like country and western or I will be ostracized from the place.

The hills are pretty big here. I think there could be some really big hills on the course. It is going to be fun.

It was hot here today. It is supposed to cool down. But it was hot today. Hot and dry. And of course there are a bazillion quads around as well.

These are the rules for proper Quad etiquette:

  1. Your quad must be loud.
  2. The day before a quad race you must ride your quad around and rev it a lot.
  3. Don’t wear a helmet on your quad except during a race.
  4. The day before a race you must start your quad every 30 minutes to insure it will run on race day.
  5. When you do start your quad, you must rev it high enough to bounce it off the rev limiter.
  6. Shorts and a tank top are the preferred attire to ride with when not racing your quad. (when racing it is best to revert back to Carharts – camo models are best)
  7. If there is nothing else to do then ride your quad in circles or back and forth doing wheelies.
  8. Burn outs in the dust right next to someones campsite is ok if you are on a quad.
  9. Acceptable hours to ride or just rev your quad are 6am to 11pm.
  10. My quad is louder than yours. I can prove it.

I am pretty much done being here for quad day. I think I will just show up on Saturday from now on for our races.


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