Big Buck – Saturday

During the night, we were hit with the most awesome electrical storm ever. Huge multi second long lightening, with immediate ground shaking thunder. Over and over again for about 15 minutes. It was absolutely spectacular.

I have always like thunderstorms, but somehow in the trailer they are even more intense, yet super enjoyable. Wow, it was really cool. During those things, it sometimes feels like the whole ground going to cleave open and swallow up the trailer. Sort of like some sort of prehistoric beast is thundering down onto the trailer.

Once the initial shock and awe over the thunderstorm wore off, then I started to think about how the rain just meant that we were now going to have mud. Not just small amounts of mud either. Copious amounts of the stuff. Rivers flowing with water and mud. Mud on the trail, must sticking to everything on the motorcycle. Mud in my boots, Mud in my googles. Ugh.

And so it rained. It rained the rest of the night and it rained all morning. Finally it stopped, but not before the course was literally inches thick of mud.

We had a bunch of stuff to do this morning, so just after breakfast, we gave it all a start. I started working on getting the sink pump wired in, and the water lines rearranged. It took a while to get it right, but I now know all about the wiring in the trailer. It is odd wiring. I need to get a few things when I get home to get it 100%, but it will be and it will be sweet. The faucet itself needs to be remounted to get it over the sink more. All in all, the trailer is working great.

While I was fixing the faucet in the trailer, Scott was getting the bikes and van all orgainzied. He pulled out the bikes, and then went to move the van to the other side of a quad bunch.

Wow, look at those trenches behind the van! and look how close the van is the Quad course!

Wow! Look at the trenches behind the van! And look how close we are to the Quad course! Uh oh!

Apparantly the ground was already really wet, and the van promptly got stuck right on the edge of the track.

We found a ton of really difficult sections out there. Lots of mud. Lots of roots. Lots of deep trenches. The creek jump looked doable, if the approach stayed in good shape.

So now we are heading to bed. Hopefully no more rain, and we will get some decent race conditions for once.

Men Yana,


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