Big Buck – travel day

In the past week it has rained enough, that I have seen no fewer than 10 ARC’s being built. The animals are lining up 2 by 2, people are begging to get on the arc. Small children and small dogs are being floated to safety by their owners… I think I saw a guy with a long beard, and I am pretty certain it was not Santa. But seriously, it is raining huge at home. I have never seen the amount of rain that we have had at home. Wow.

Rick Anschutz, the district 16HS referee, told us today that the first local race at home has been cancelled because the property it was to be held on is under 7 inches of water. The expected high on race day at home is 38, and 3-4 inches of snow are expected. Ugh. I bet many of the guys that I ride and race with at home have not even been on their bike yet. I feel pretty privileged to be able to be doing this this year.

Meanwhile, we are here at the Big Buck GNCC race, sitting outside in tshirts in 80 degree weather outside the camper typing my GNCC log. Damn!

So, as usual, we struggled to get out of the office on time today. Our flight was at noon out of Milwaukee, and we barely made it. Actually, the flight was delayed but we did not know that until we got there. Lots of spring storms around the US today.

In fact, the flight to Charlotte was really eventful. We were swooping and swirling around storms for more than an hour longer than we should have been. The plane was bucking and bouncing like it is not really supposed to. Turns out, Scott is not the greatest flyer. He was pretty white and was searching in the seats in front of him for a barf bag. He managed to hold it all in, but he did not look good at the end of the flight. It was pretty funny, for me.

Then, there was the landing. We were on the normal, although really really bumpy approach into the airport at Charlotte. Just as we should have been throttling back to put the wheels down, the pilot gunned the motors and shot back up into the sky. We turned hard and climbed at full throttle. We were all the way around, before the pilot came on and told us that he was too heavy to land so had to go around to burn off some fuel. Yeah right… I am imagining a truck parked in the runway or something like that. I don’t think that whole experience was too much to Scott’s liking. (not that I really liked it or anything.)

We hit the ground and went into our already familiar routine. First we got the trailer and van going, filled the trailer with water, went to the grocery store, got gas for the van and bikes etc… got some dinner and then headed to the race site. Candi got us there as usual. When she said “You have arrived at your destination”, you could just see the glow of the race village. Ah, the comforts and friendly feeling of the traveling circus that is the GNCC race series. The glow from the lights and the generators at the start area was really comforting. Sort of like the soft glow of electric nirvana. The temporary GNCC city, as Scott called it.

We are surrounded by quad guys now, but we are right against the edge of the course. No need to move tomorrow.

It is just about time to hit the sack, and get going tomorrow. Make breakfast, set up the pit area, go say hi to the Suzuki guys, the Pirelli guys etc…Then, we have to do a little bit of work on the bikes. Not much, but a little. I always get really excited when I am messing with my bike. My Suzuki is so sweet. I am running a completely fresh set of Pirelli tires this weekend . SWING!

I also want to fix the sink in the camper tomorrow. I bought a new inline pump for it, that will make the sink work like a sink in a house. Just turn the tap, and water will come out. Should be sweet.

Pictures of everything tomorrow.

Over and out.


One response to “Big Buck – travel day

  1. Too heavy to land?? That’s bull. He probably overshot the landing and had to go around. Nothing wrong with that. Too heavy? Despite flying an extra hour? Pffttt.

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